Friday, October 22, 2004

Taking a walk

Meeting my brother while standing outside on my first day of Nursery school. Riding my green machine down the street with Rick. Seeing our 'new' house for the first time. Dancing around the living room with my sisters. Playing soccer in the backyard with my dad. Racing matchbox cars down my driveway. Going swimming in Canada. Going out trick or treating with my sister and her friends. Giving my little cousins airplane spins at my Aunts house. Standing my He-Men figures up on our pool table and the shooting them down with domino's. Hiding Star Wars figures around at my cousins house. Playing D&D. Discussing comics over beer and pot at Rob's house. Walking around New Haven with the old crew. Dying Easter eggs. Late night drinking party's at Middlesex's parking lot. Chasing Meg around the hallways (watching her bounce). Listening to 'Here comes the sun' all night till daybreak. Hanging with the Metal-Heads. Seeing Wierd-Al in concert. Kissing MMM. Playing street football with the kids up the street. Sitting in the Camel Tree. Walking through the woods with Rick. Tracing with Dave while listening to Little Shop of Horror. Remidial gym class during Vietnam. Walking the trolly tracks barefoot (damn tar!). Having Isis ask me for a kiss. Going to the movies with Jill. Playing vollyball instead of going to class. Driving backwards down West Haven's main street. Ice skating down the hill. Hiding my little Sis from Inspector Gadget. Being Kelly's excuse. Calling my little sis every day. Flirting with Heaven. Watching Vampires acted out with EFFXB. Playing Mission Impossible with Mrs. BM and Midget in Bradlees. Playing Techmo Bowl every night. Playing Olympics on Computer with Dave and Va. Sleeping over with Boston. Living with Isis and helping to raise Ant. Having my shoes called yahts. Taking out 13 people while roller skating. Visiting Brendragon in Mass. Watching Christy's face when told about an electric mouse. Late nights on the beach. Sunday's at J$'s. Gombah's parties. Seeing Kell's Bells naked more than I've seen any of my girlfriends. Kissing Jill for the first time. Holding my nephew Psycho Baby for the first time (wouldn't stop crying). Playing He-man all these years later with my nephew Nick. Teaching Jill to drive. Watching all three of my sister's getting married. Seeing Mr. and Mrs. BM kiss for the first time (officially). The night when Heaven leaned over and kissed me. Tag Saleing with Marie. Meeting Babushka. Having her loose my number over and over again. Listening to my Gandpa sing silly limerics. Dancing with Jill at keroke. Having Heaven help me with insurance. Watching my cousin Dave drive a motorcycle. Holding Kelly while she cried. Going apple picking with the Mitchells. Helping my little sister move, over and over and over and over again. Hydroplaneing in the Ghost Ship. Phils book of poetry. Ugs book of poetry. Isis's book of poetry. Stealing comics with Ogre. Playing Magic with Ug (from boxes of 1000 cards as decks). Going for Freak trips. Preacher night in Boston. Dodging rabid pirona mice. Getting to know my lost cousins. Going cleaning with Jan. The night Heaven couldn't stop smiling at me. Voices for video games. Final Fantasy 3. Jumping cows. Tickling Babushka. Playing Twisted Metal 2. Watching bad horror movies with the K&B toystore. 10,000 empty Foxon Park bottles. Smoking cigars at the end of Florshiem. Eating at Creative Cusine. Hearing Jill say she loves me (even if it was a lie). The arrival of little C. Isis back from old peoples land. Meeting Karen and Debbie at H&D. Purple wearing Orange. Reading Stephen King. Reading Terry Pratchett. Reading Clive Cussler. Reading Garfield. Babushka jumping me for a kiss. Going to the New York Comic-Con with Midget and Shaun. Watching PPv's at Bill's house. Hugging my neice. Hugging my other niece. Being called Uncle Jeff. Being called Buttons. Seeing the Souless Child fall in love. Watching my Dad become sober. Dancing with my Nanie. Reading to Babushka and to Isis. Meeting Eileen and Denise at Zales.
Welcome to my Memory Lane.

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Blogger Dream Screams...

Final Fantasy 3 and Twisted Metal 2 were two of the best video games ever made... PERIOD! Remember my trip to Florida? While I was gone you made EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER level 99... HA!
Do you really think it was 10,000? lol

12:53 AM  
Blogger gundum_shenlong Screams...

All good times, and I'm not completely souless anymore. I think I stole adam's.

12:31 AM  
Blogger BM, The Necessary Movement Screams...

nice to know i am a part of your memory lane! We have many more years of memory making!

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

That was awesome. I owe so many great memories to you, and I would do it all again in a heart beat. I am happy to say I got to take part in the memories. To many more...
The jumping for a kiss, you make it sound like I knocked you over or something, and that is not possible you are to big and I am to small.

2:05 AM  

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