Monday, October 11, 2004

Ongoing Spoiler

If you plan on reading the Dark Tower books by Stephen King DON'T READ THIS BLOG!

In 1975 in a little town called Salem's Lot a priest named father Perre Calahan lost his faith. He tried to stand toe to toe with a vampire and all he had was his faith in God and a crusifix as a weapon. But when challenged to throw away the cross and face the vampire faith vs. evil he couldn't do it. He ended up falling before the vampire and running away. He borded a bus and dissapeared. Until now. In 2004 Perre Callahan was given a chance at redemption. He joined up with a small band out to save the world. When the time came he once again faced the same evil that defeated him and destroyed his faith back in '75. I was there with him when he fell back then. I remember being sad that this good man didn't have the faith both in himself and his god to fight for what he knew was right. To see him standing there once again, was like watching an old friend face thier fears. This time father Callahan put his cross away and stood against the tide of evil with his heart and faith inside him, not trapped inside a symbol. He allowed the group he was with to continue on thier quest even though it cost him his life. He stood true and died true. After all these years he redeemed himself. He made me proud.
I realize he is just a charector in a book. He was created by Mr. King and all that happens to him and the others is just make belive. But still in some part of me, a boy who was saddened when reading about father Callahan's faillings so many years ago, it was nice to read about him once again, getting a second chance and this time being the man I thought he could have been long ago. Once again Steven made suspend belief and engross myself in his book, as he has done so many times. Thanks Stephen. And good job Perre, you kicked a**.

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Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

I was so happy when you told me about this. He did kick ass, he was awesome, fictional character or not. You have reason to be proud, I know I am. I was very disappointed and in disbelief when he failed the first time, and it is nice to know he came out strong in the end.

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