Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Ladies: pt.2 Eggy

I was going to just stick to those females who I've actually dated, but I think I may make an exception here.
I met Eggy my Junior year of High School. She was a beautiful young lady who was very outgoing, loved to laugh, and caught my eye and held it. I spent a few weeks thinking of maybe talking to her, then when I finally did I thought she'd end up hitting me. We both had study period at the same time even though she was 2 grades lower than I was. She was always getting in trouble for talking, whereas I normally just sat back and read through most of the period. One day I was walking past her just as the librarian was scolding her for talking, and without thinking (a habit that has followed me my whole life) I looked at her and said 'has anyone ever told you you talk alot?'. For one moment she sat with her mouth open, and I was sure she was going to get up and smack me, my first chance to talk to this girl and I insult her right? Instead she and her friends broke up laughing.
We stayed friends throughout High School, and for many years after. She was the first girl I was interested in after Meesha's death. But we never did date. At first I held back because of the pain from what had happened with Meesha. By the time I decided that maybe I should try dating again, (was planing to ask her to my Junior Prom) turns out Eggy had gotten a boyfriend ( I didn't end up going to Prom). This pattern stayed for several years. When I was single, she was dating, when I was dating she was single. By the time something maybe could have happened I was no longer interested in dating her anymore, instead I had fallen in love with her younger sister... my Demon. Part of it was that Eggy got into the habit of dating guys who liked to hit her, and I've never been good at dealing with someone who will not only let it happen but keep going back to them after they've done it. Once can be an accident. But it seemed that every one she dated did it. Even the man she had a child with was heavy handed. She would eventually break up with them, only to find someone else who was the same. So I left behind those feelings for her.
We still got along, even up to the last time the Demon left my life, Eggy and I still hugged when we saw each other. She still looked beautiful to me, and part of me always wondered what may have happened if I had asked her out before she started dating someone. Perhaps I could have moved her away from a life of abuse, perhaps she would have kept me from chasing the Demon for so many years. But would have, could have, should haves aside, I will always smile when I think of our adventures in school. I will always hope someday she'll find someone who helps make her smile the way my Babushka does for me.

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