Tuesday, February 03, 2009


So we have enough money to pay off the wedding. Now we just need a downpayment for a place.
Seems like everything we like is out of our price range, which really sucks. The problem is that neither Jackie or I are that great at home improvement and most of whats in our range are fix-er uppers. Add in that with our scheduals we can only go look on the weekend and this is becoming a real challenge. The person whos helping us is also looking for a place, which sometimes limits our time to search even more, and of course all the stuff we need to do for the wedding has to be done on weekends as well.... get the picture.

So we're supposed to go to dance class tonight, but it's also supposed to snow so I don't know if either are happening. I'm not thrilled with the whole dance thing, I'm large, awkward, and stiff - not major dancing material. Jackie loves stepping on my feet which is why she wants to learn to dance. But I have a feeling it's going to be yet another thing we have to pack into our busy weekeends because I just can't go late night before work and miss sleep when I have to drive that night for 8 hours, dead tired and riving don't mix well.
Oh well, whatever she wants right?

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