Saturday, May 09, 2009

A brief update in passing

So life marches on.
The wedding stuff is coming to a head, with only a month and 2 weeks to go. Still much to do, but most of the major things are finished. Now it's just details. Also finding that I enjoy getting the invites back much more than I thought I would. It's fun seeing who responds fastest.
We've moved into the new place, I love it but it does get lonely sometimes since she works all day and I all night. The unpacking goes slower than I'd like, but with our scheduals it's hard to find time to chexck with each other on where we want things to go and neither of us want to just put stuff up/away without making sure it's good with the other.
Work goes good, they finally moved me out of driving and into a post, which so rocks and I love. Much thanks to my lead officer and managment for the switch. The best part of it is at the new post I get to do patrols wich means after sitting down driving for 2 1/2 years I finally will start getting some exercise at work and maybe can start to lose some of the hideous wieght I have on me. I'm so sick of looking like a giant chunk of bread dough.
So life moves on, and perhaps with the new work post I may find time to start stopping by here at blogland more often. I have a facebook, and a myspace, but I still miss the chance to just sit and rant that blogs allow you.
We'll see what the future holds as we get there....

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