Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So I'm getting fed up with crap at work. I so need to relax more, I'm starting to say things I realize afterwards that I shouldn't. It's just that theres a certain level of stupidity going on that just gets under my skin. Between my back bothering me, trying to get out of driving while they have several casuals who could do it but arn't being allowed to, and just stuff outside of work like the wedding and house hunt, I have just gotten to be in a bad mood every time I go in to work.
I know they arn't going to fire me, people have done a lot worse and are still there, but I don't like being one of those folks. I just seem to say things before I think about it.
Maybe I just need a vacation.

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Blogger Maya :) Screams...

Yeah, maybe a vacation would do you some good... Just by reading your posts, you definitely seem like you could use one. Could be for the best. And then come back later all refreshed and ready to take one whatever the hell comes your way. :D

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