Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Ladies: pt.3 Isis

We met and became friends in college. The first I realized that there might be something there was one night while drinking heavily she offered to take me upstairs and do naughty stuff (her words). I honestly thought she was joking. A few months later she was supposed to be moving to the tiny state with her Boyfriend, and while we were hanging out one night she asked me for a good bye kiss. It ended up being 2 kisses, and I guess things just started rolling then and there. In short order she had broken up with said boyfriend, and we were a hit. I ended up living with her for 2 years. We both loved to laugh, we both were slightly insane, and we were both horny as hell.
She had a daughter from a previous marriage, who is still my little Ant, and for a while these became the happiest days of my life. Days spent laughing, goofing around, helping to raise a beautiful and smart young girl, having a place of our own.
Of course we were also having as much sex as 2 people could pack into a day. I don't think there are many things we didn't try at one time or another. Every time we were alone it was playtime. I was a virgin when we started dating, and an expert by the time we stoped. I still don't know how she packed that trunk of hers into those tight pants she used to wear.
Looking back I'm still not fully sure what happened. Part of it was her family, I didn't get along too well with her Mom which was a big sore spot. Part of it, maybe most of it, was because of my Nana's death. Isis was wrapped up in a giant family feud at the time, and I was hurting bad and felt she wasn't there for me after all the times I had been there for her. Whatever the reason, while the relationship ended the friendship managed to hold through.
As the years have passed we both have found ourselves turning to each other when we need to talk. Perhaps part of it was just that we had shared so much that we didn't need to keep secrets or play pretend. And in those rare times when we were both single, well some private memories got relived too. But that was a rare bonus, mostly it was just nice to have someone who I could talk about things that were happening in my life and know that I would get an honest and blunt opinion.
All this seemingly ended about 2 years ago when Isis got remarried. Since then I haven't heard from her at all, perhaps her new hubby didn't like the idea of her being good friends with an old flame. I'm hoping that this can be changed, and have even invited them to my wedding, along with my Ant who I still occasionally hear from through e-mail. I hope to see them all at the wedding, after 15 years of friendship I'd hate to lose her in my life.

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