Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I've started receiving threatening mail from the government because I have dared not responding to their 2010 census forms they've sent me. They keep pressing the point that it is ILLEGAL to not respond to the census bureau. What a freakin joke... Like the biggest concern in the government right now is the fact that there might be people out there they don't have secret files on. They're are actually wasting time, paper, and MONEY on this crap. Can I think of a bigger waste of tax payer money? Well.. yes i can, but this definitely has to be in the top 50 or so.. lord knows the government has some really spectacular ways to waste money. But just the obnoxiousness of making this a law that folks must respond to this crap. What makes this even worse is that they can fine people for not replying.. up to $100. HOW FUCKING STUPID IS THIS?!?! Some one really needs to start auditing the government. Give the whole system a giant enema. And people ask me why I don't Vote? BECAUSE NONE OF THESE MORONS ARE WORTH VOTING FOR! Don't tell me if I don't vote I don't have a right to complain, my vote is worth too much to me to waste on a lesser of two evils situation which is what ever election comes down to these days. I refuse to give my vote to anyone who I don't fully support, and so far NONE of them who have run have been worth supporting. It's no longer a case of who can do a better job, but who will do less damage or who tells the better lies. How the hell did it come to this?
Maybe being an Anarchist isn't such a bad thing after all...

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Hey this pissed me off too, The hubby rode me and said many times "dont forget to do this census, they can fine us etc" and each time my response aloud was fuck them. But after hounding me I filled it out and I was damned annoyed as hell the whole time I was doing it. And it was asking me to lie basically, it was asking me to tell them who all lived in my home as of April 1st. But it was demanding I return it long before that date! JACKASSHOLES /shakes fist

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