Friday, October 23, 2009


So I have become somewhat addicted to Facebook. Not sure why.
Seems like a ton of people who I once knew keep trying to friend me on it, but since most of them are folks I was never interested in knowing even when I did see them I see no reason why I should know them now. Just because I went to the same school as someone doesn't mean I feel an everlasting kinship with them. Heck, I've had folks who I have beaten the hell out of try to friend me, explain that?
However, I have been able to contact and keep in some sort of contact with a few friends who had vanished form my life. While this may not lead to a complete renewal of our friendship at least it is a way to know they are doing good and know that I still think fondly of them and their time in my life.
Oddly, or maybe not so, I have found both Isis and Heaven on there, but neither of them have responded to my friend link. I guess some friendships do die in time. They still have a place in my life and my heart if they want it, but I have never been the kind to force someone to accept me and myself into their lives if they don't want me. I just hope they know that I still love them and always will.
Married life is great. I just wish we got more time together. Due to our schedule we get maybe 2 hours a day during the week, but at least we both have weekends off. It's just funny how quickly the weekends fill up with stuff to do. Seems like we don't get a lot of down time to spend alone.
I am going through a period of buying my dentist a new car with the amount of money he'll get from working on my teeth. I have never had many problems with my teeth before, and perhaps I was wrong in not seeing a dentist for 13 years, but I still don't like going. I've already told him once everything's fixed he may not be seeing me very often.
I have found that I both like cooking and seem to have a talent for it. I make a wicked meatloaf and a chili that I believe could do good at our local contest. I'm learning my way around Mexican food, which we love, and now that I have a grill I'll be having fun coming up with creative things to do on that too. I do my best to have dinner on the table for when babushka gets home at night. The only draw-back is when she ends up running late. But there's always a way around that. I just wish I could learn to cut down on portions sizes, my waist line seems to get a little worse with each visit to the Doc. (Who I REALLY need to go see again soon. I've been putting it off while I deal with the dentist.). I think my arthritis has spread from my back into my knees.
I'm also trying to figure out how to go about getting autographs of the folks from the T.V. shows Ghost Hunters and Mythbusters. I was never much of an autograph hunter, but recently I realized I've got a little collection going. This includes Elvira, Lou Ferrigno, Jennifer Tilly, Terry Pratchett, Millvina Dean (last survivor of the Titanic), and a few others. Maybe not the most famous folks out there, but
if I'm going to spend money on someones signature it's got to be someone I like, not just someones who's famous. It's just that most of my auto's are from card sets, I'm still trying to figure out how to get them from folks who aren't in cards or in my area. Do I just mail something with a SASE and hope they return it? So confusing.
I hope every out there is doing good. I'm not sure if anyone is left in blogland, all of my old crowd seems to have left this writing place behind. But I'll keep dropping by when I have stuff on my mind or just some Chaos to spread.

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