Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kick 'em when their down

So it's been a series of crap all rolled up into a series of crap that smells just like a big series of crap...
Was sick all weekend. Then had to get a new tire for my Wife because her's blew out. Then hurt my back. Then her car got stuck in a flooded road on the way home and the engine got wet and is shot, we need to have an insurance person look and see if they want to fix it or total it. Just bought the freakin' thing this summer. Of course I had to push the thing out of the water, which ruined my work boots and hurt my back more. My poor Wife is having a mini breakdown, so I can't let her know I'm in pain. At least I got her smiling somewhat again. Also, since we have to go through the insurance it means our premiums will probably go up.. which we really can't afford. We have 2 weddings, a vacation to Canada, and a renewal of Vows all hitting this summer. Not sure how we're going to afford all this. My work is jerking me around when it comes to my desk at the building I work in. They want to replace it with something that matches the 'ambiance' of the building... meanwhile I have no where to sit or put my stuff. I'm so close to just snapping...

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Blogger Ĵōÿ Screams...

Oh Jeff! Well I don't know what to say except for one thing is VERY important to remember here. And by no means have I ever had a marriage that resembled functional (lol) but I do know that in the beginning its very easy to fall into the trap of trying to always please so many others in our lives. At some point, and it sounds like it needs to be now, you two will have to give up on some of the things that may cost you extra. I've been doing this marriage thing off and on for years now but last week our truck blew up, we have NO money whatsoever, our house payments were already 2 behind before this happened, this shit will always continue to happen in life and in a marriage its just that now two people share the stress of it, its just a matter of giving up the extras sometimes and really dealing with what you are left with. Its not as bad of a thing to be so down and kicked on when you have someone there to comfort you a bit too through it. That goes both ways. I know it sounds simple but Ive always just told Doug when stuff is bad, we will get through it, we always do. And I suppose that I am actually here atm is testimony to that. We are going to have to let our digital tv go because we just can't afford it, but we will get through that too. We will eat and for the time being exist until things can get better, there is truly no reason for us to stress each other about things which are already being privately stressed. We both do that too. Kind vent about the BS of it all and then drop it, there is no use ragging on and on. One of those times that sucking it up benefits everyone I believe. Then again, maybe Im all wrong, and Ive been doing it the fucked up way, but its lasted 13 years now and it actually gets better the longer it goes on, the longer all of the real kinks have been gone beyond. So yeah, you two are likely to get a lot of kicks when you are down over the years, just get used to walking around with the footprints on your clothes and everything will work itself out, I swear it.

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Blogger Maya Screams...

sir. Azathoth,

I have started a new blog, and have deleted my old blog (the ramblingsofathoughtlessmind).
Things have been changing in such a positive way, that I decided to delete my old dark blog, and create something new to match with this transformation. :) Below is my new blog:

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Blogger Maya Screams...

Just read your post now..
That sounds like quite the drenching day for sure!! :(
I would have a mini break down too if I were your wife, that doesn't sound like the best day... Looks like your summer will be fairly busy huh?

baby is crying, got to go!

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