Sunday, May 26, 2013

Painful Weekend

So work is wearing me down this weekend. The college is having it's annual reunions, and since management can't seem to figure out how to do scheduling properly they've had to pull me from my normal post to stand at gates to allow people in and out. It makes for a long and boring night, and it wears on my back and knee badly. The added cold and rain we've been having hasn't helped, as my arthritis is acting up as well. To top it off next weekend is the Wedding of Mr. Bri and it looks like my work has screwed up things so bad in relation to staffing levels that they're gonna deny me the day off even though I put in for it back in December. I guess giving them 5 months pre-warning just wasn't enough time. This is easily the best job I've had in my life, I just wonder sometimes about why some people. both regular and management, seem to have such a hard time doing the job?

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