Friday, May 10, 2013

Slightly Old Oddity

So, considering how this Blog first started I realize that something did happen a little while back that I should mention. While the loss of our Daughter has monopolized my mind and soul the last few months, there was something else that does at least stick out as strange. So, last Halloween I was giving out candy. Babushka didn't want anything to do with the holidays. But I've always loved giving out candy and seeing the costumes and thought that maybe doing so would help take my mind off our loss. But at one point when I was cutting some chicken up for dinner the bell rang and quickly washing my hands I ran down and saw a group of kids. And also the Demon. Yep, talk about a flashback. My Demon. I hadn't seen her since January 2004 when I started this blog. She was dressed as a Witch and was taking her son around Trick Or Treating. Did she know where I lived? Did she come on puirpose? I don't know. The funny thing is that by this point I also didn't care. Don't get me wrong, it was actually nice to see her. Yea, things ended badly between us (Heck, it ended badly every time), but we were good friends for a long time. I also realized that whatever was once there, the Love, Lust, whatever it may have been, was gone. We hugged. I told her since she knew where I lived it would be nice and also up to her if she wanted to keep in touch. She did notice my wedding band and commented that I was married. She also intorduced me to her son. Then she was gone. I haven't heard/seen from her since. I'm fine with that. I'd welcome her back, but I'm also am not gonna waste time expecting her back. So, I guess in a way I've come a long way personally. Once upon a time she was all I could think of, heck just go read a lot of my earliest blogging. Now, she's a part of my past that I can take or leave. I have some really good memories that include her. But I also have some really bad memories that include her. Do they balance? Kind of. I think there was more good than bad between us, and I hope she feels the same. But my days of losing sleep over her are gone.

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