Thursday, January 12, 2012

Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Looking Around

It's funny how quick time can get away from you.
I keep meaning to keep this blog up and running, not abandoning it like so many have done to Facebook. But the fact is it's so much easier to post a quick two or three sentences on Facebook than it is to write a whole post. I mean, looking back at this blog I wonder what do I have left to talk about? I've covered my beliefs in life, love, and beyond. I've posted about my tastes in music, women, and food. I've been depressed, been ecstatic, and been just here.
But life just keep rolling along, and in it's wake so many things get left behind.
I'm married to my little Babushka (if you need a refresher on the nicknames I use there should be a link on the sideboard). I work for the University. I just live. Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, just an everyday sort of life.
Despite many of my fears,, while many of my friends have moved away I've done a decent job of staying in touch with them, either over the phone or on the comp (There's that Facebook again.). My Bro and his crew are still in bOregon (although, Bro did get Married to the Hills, which I'm very happy about), My Lil Sis is in Old Folks Florida, Boston is still in Boston, BS is in Denver, J$ is in San Damn Diego, Ug in Maine. As for those still around here, I don't get much time to see them anymore. Night shift kills the social life. I haven't seen the K&B Toystore in a while (they both work, K is in school, and the kids are growing so fast), Bink is living with his girl and her kids, Midget and Giantess are doing good, Poet just had another Child, K-Bells has settled down for the most part, Heaven and I are back in touch over the phone, Do-Nut Girl is married to FractalKing, I don't hear from Sharebear anymore, but Ant is doing good down in the DC, Egoman is dating and seems happy, Columbia is in med school, Mr. B is dating and bought a house, yea, seems like everyone is just busy with thier own lives.
I've not heard from the Demon in almost 7 years now. I'm friends with her oldest sister on Facebook, and she says everythings good with her, and for that I'm happy.
Otherwise I just keep walking on with my head held high and facing forward as much as I can. I've kept in touch with some of my old bloggers (Beliver, TCU, Burfica, Alexk, Mooker, Joy, and several others who old blog names I can't remember right now).
As for family, my Moms Cancer is back and shes not been feeling too good. They have her on treatments, and they say that it seems to be working, but it leaves her weak and sick and tired. Pops is ok, but it wears you down to see the person you love go through this. All my siblings are good, as are thier rugrats. My Cuz's all seem happy, as do the respective Aunts, Uncles, Ect. Even my Wife's family is doing ok.
So many attachments eh? Yet in the end I barely see anyone on a weekly basis. Yet that is the price we pay to support ourselves. I sit at work, dea with the kids, listen to my Ipod, and occasionally get to go on my Comp.
Hoepfully I'll get a chance to slip on to Blog occasionally, and maybe I'll even have more interesting things to post than just common updates of a life. I hope I haven't forgotten to mention anyone, if so i appologize. and to any readers who still bother to stop by, feel free to leave some greetings and know I'm glad you're out there.
Peace for now.

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