Saturday, June 24, 2006

Alone again, naturally

My little Babushka has gone on vacation for the next week. She won't be back till Thursday. It's funny, so much of my life is wrapped up in spending time iwth her that I honestly don't know what I'm going to do for this week. It's not that we actually do much when we're togetther, it's just the fact of being together. She's gone to Atlantic City with the family that she babysits for.

What doesn't help is that I've been a wee bit depressed lately and not spending time with many of my friends. It's not that I don't wnat to see them, I just can't seem to get up the energy to go visit. It's like part of me just wants to sleep all the time. Not that I do sleep much, I just lie there staring at the ceiling. Add int he lack of money for gas and I have a bad feeling that this next week will consist of me just sitting around the house doing nothing.

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Blogger She Must be Full of BS Screams...

I am so glad to have first comment privelidges on this post, because I'm beginning a similar ordeal. I am currently on day 4 of "Life Without Mr.M For 6 Weeks". I will be posting about it soon myself. I'm sad, hon, but I'm strong, and so are you. We have each other! Just a bit hard to cover the hugging part from 2000 miles away. I''m not making you feel any better am I? Don't worry sweetie, at least it's not 6 weeks! Love you.

11:57 PM  
Blogger Burfica Screams...

Hey Aza, bummer deal. I hope you think of something entertaining when you stare at the ceiling.

Hey, I got your e-mail sorry I haven't answered yet. I would love to exchange storries. I don't remember full adventures on a lot of them, but I remember some things. Hope that would be enough.

I will be writting you back soon I promise. I've been stressing with mom's birthday coming up it's bugging me. And my mother in law is coming to stay for a while (somebody club me in the head now please)

1:26 AM  
Blogger BeckoningChasm Screams...

Being depressed is "okay." I do it all the time, in fact. Which, I reflect, is not really anything to brag about.

Um. Uh. I'm sure I had some kind of point to make. Uh. It's those damned [pet peeve group]!

1:54 AM  
Blogger boneman Screams...

The thing is, ya might actually read this somewhere else, since one of the goofy things I do is share jokes.
But, just in case y'ain't visitin yer friends OR blogs, no sweat! We'll bring the jokes to you!

Bill Clinton is placed against the wall and just before the order
to shoot him is given, he yells, "Earthquake!".

The firing squad falls into a panic and Bill jumps over the wall
and escapes in the confusion.

John Kerry is the second one placed against the wall. The squad
is reassembled and John ponders what his old pal Bill has done.
Before the order to shoot is given, John yells, "Tornado!".

Again the squad falls apart and Kerry slips over the wall thus making
his escape.

The last person, George W. Bush, is placed against the wall. He is
thinking, "I see the pattern here, just scream out a disaster and hop over
the wall."

As the firing squad is reassembled and the rifles raised in his direction,
he smirks his famous smirk and yells, "Fire!"

2:06 PM  
Blogger Libby Screams...

sorry 'bout this, is gonna be a tough thing to do, on top of not feeling all that great to begin with. but we're all here thinking about ya...or in the same boat...

3:07 PM  
Blogger Dream Screams...

Come on up here bud... you can spend the week at Splashtown/Funtown (our water/amusement park) with me and the kiddies... :)

3:10 PM  
Blogger gundum_shenlong Screams...

You know you cold just sleep at my house for the week. I'm all alone to. It'd be nice to have someone to wallow in misery with. Call me

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Midget Screams...

and you haven't called me cuz......?

you dont evcen have to come over, just gimme a ring, I'll call you back (free all-distance dontcha know!), and at least you have somebody you can talk to.
Hey, maybe I could actually come and see you for once!

5:53 PM  
Blogger Lisa Screams...

Wish I could be there for you also. I'm in mind and heart. But, physically, I wish I could give you a big soul consuming hug. You need to know it's going to be okay. and it will be. I hope your weekend wasn't too bad.

9:12 PM  
Blogger themadamefiles Screams...

Az - I'm sorry I've dissapeared :-(
I hear where you are coming from - that whole "empty feeling" of not having that familiar energy around - that need to sleep but not being sleepy - just lying there - listening to your own breath...

Are we on the same rollercoaster tsunami? Has it reached me all the way over here?

well honey, always know that I'll give you space on my raft if you ever lose yours!!!

2:54 AM  
Blogger The Lone Rangers Screams...

I know what you mean about being down and lack of energy will pass..I least I hope so..

7:23 AM  
Blogger boneman Screams...

Dang! Lookit all yer friends! You be one lucky guy, dude!

Well, maybe not....
here's another one....

Doctor Dave had sex with one of his patients and felt guilty all day long.

No matter how much he tried to forget about it, he just couldn't.
The guilt and sense of betrayal was overwhelming. But every once in a while he'd hear an internal, reassuring voice in his head that said:

"Dave, don't worry about it. You aren't the first medical practitioner to have sex with one of their patients and you won't be the last. And you're single. Just let it go, Dave."

But invariably another voice in his head would bring him back to
reality, whispering:







You're a veterinarian, you sick bastard".

See? Maybe you isn't so lucky after all.....

(sick, sick joke)

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

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11:35 AM  

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