Friday, August 03, 2007

A little stuff of stuff

So my folks are off to Canada for 2 weeks, which leaves me alone at home. Unfortunatly Babushka will be working most of it so I don't get to see her much for the 2 weeks. Still at least the house will be quiet for a while.
The overtime at work sucks, but I need the money. We've had break ins at a few of the collages, so we have to patrol them. Which isn't bad, except if your out of shape and not used to walking for 8 hours straight. My legs hate me right now.
I still haven't unpacked from the trip. I hate unpacking. I figure as I need things I'll wear them then wash them and then put them away.
I've got almost no money and I don't get paid till next Thursday. This is going to be an interesting week for me. At least theres plenty of food here. But gas may become a problem at some point.
To answer Dreams comment, yes I did like Blaze. It is a litttle like The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, but I liked that too so maybe you shouldn't go by my answer.
Hope everyone's doing good.

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