Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Ladies: pt.4 Rie-Rie

I met Rie-Rie the weekend after Isis and I broke up for good. (oddly, she met someone that weekend too, go figure).
Rie-Rie was my first and only blind date. We met through Ug and his girlfriend (who has become his wife). We spent our first night knowing each other sitting up all night in Ug's living room talking. By morning we were pretty much a couple. We stayed that way for just about the next 2 1/2 years. She lived out of state, so I spent my weekends driving up to see her and stay with her and her family.
We had so much fun together. From going to tag sales to feeding ducks. There were very few time that we were together that we didn't spend laughing. We were so cute together we made people sick.
Of course, we weren't so cute when we got alone. She was insatiable in bed, and as far as I was concerned I couldn't get her extra-reinforced bra off fast enough. The fact that either of our bed's still had springs left was a tribute to modern construction.
The problems started because her family would always talk about moving to Florida. Maybe I was just being stupid, but I let it bother me, alot. More and more I felt that I was going to lose her no matter what I did. Then when she started working night I felt like I never got to see her, like I had a part time girlfriend. Part of it was that she had to sleep on the only 2 days I got to spend with her. It wasn't her fault. I would tell her it didn't bother me, while inside it was eating me up. Poor communication is perhaps the final culprit, either that or just my own stupidity. After around 2 years of happiness I broke up with her. It was messy, and in the end I was the asshole. I didn't mean to be, I tried not to be, but that's what happened.
I wish now that I could tell her I was sorry. It probably wouldn't mean anything to her anymore, and unfortunately she probably remembers me for the pain and stupidity instead of for the good times. Last I heard she's getting married, and I hope that everything in her life turns out so much better than I was able to make it.

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