Monday, June 01, 2009

The Ladies: pt.5 Heaven

This is going to be a touchy one to do. Heaven was both a long time friend, an ex- of another long time friend, and engaged when we started to have a relationship beyond being friends.
We had been friends for several years. She had originally been dating another friend of mine, but hey broke up after he smacked her during an argument. She and I stayed close as the years passed. She found someone else, and got engaged. We had always flirted somewhat, but she was beautiful and I figured she was just joking around.
It took me by surprise when I found out she wasn't joking. We were just sitting watching tv, she leaned over and kissed me.
Were we dating? I've never been sure. She was still engaged and living with her fiance, I didn't make a lot of money at my present job and she couldn't afford her rent without him. The first time we went at it he was in the other room watching tv, thank god he kept the volume up. We spent all the time we could together. We laughed a lot, hugged a lot, and fooled around every chance we got. I still remember how after we would make love we would just lie there and hug each other and smile. She was beautiful, had a fantastic body, huge ta-tas, and I still don't know what she saw in me.
What happened? As usual, I'm not sure. She didn't break up with him. I was just off breaking up with Rie-Rie, and another of the Demon's destruction's of my heart, and maybe just didn't know what to make of the whole situation. In the end she and he got married and had a child. I met Babushka. We drifted apart. I still miss her friendship. I do not regret what happened between us, in fact it's a lovely memory, but I do wonder sometimes if it hadn't happened if we would still be as close of friends as we were before. I doubt it though, her hubby didn't like me even though he never knew what went on between us. I still e-mail her sometimes, even though I rarely get a reply, and I hope that maybe someday we will get to try and pick up a friendship that will always make me smile.

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