Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Lady: Babushka (aka Mrs. Azathoth)

Babushka. My Angel. My Wife.
We will be married on June 27th of this year.
I met her at a friends party. Her older sister was dating Midget at the time. At first things were rocky between us, she kept losing my e-mail address, so I'd see her then not hear from her till Midget would ask me for my e-mail again. Once she went to collage things picked up, with me visiting her there. It was one night while I was leaving that she jumped up and started kissing me while I was getting in my car.
Since then the only problem was a year long break up over the concept of children. She wants them. I don't. But in the end we reunited because she decided she would rather be with me without kids than have them with someone else.
We now live together (and are desperatly trying to figure out how the hell we're going to fit all our stuff into out aprt.) and are preparing for our upcoming nuptials. Were the type of couple that makes other people sick, all cutsie an cuddly. I couldn't have asked for a better woman to share my life.
Love works, no matter what the jaded people may say.

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Blogger Ĵōÿ Screams...

Im so glad for you! I wish you both the best and hope you will always stick together no matter how hard times get. Prepare yourself for all that marriage entails. Its not all pretty, but the ups definately outweigh the downs. You deserve the best and I hope you get it.

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