Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So the kids in my building are having a contest to see who gets to make a new desk to replace my current one. The general feeling is my current desk doesn't fit the feel of an art building so they want to make one as a school project. I've said all I request is it be a decent level so I can still read at it (keeping in mind my height requirements so I can fit my legs under it) and have a drawer for me to put my stuff in. Other than those qualifications the kids are free to go wild. Should be interesting to see what they come up with, although a few are worried that there is only about a month left of this year and they may not get to work on it till nest year if they don't get approval soon from the administrations office. It's especially vexing for some of the senior class members who are getting ready to graduate but want to be included in a chance to make me a desk. I find I'm kind of touched that they all want to so this for me. Makes me feel like the extra work I've put into this post has been worth it.

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Blogger Ĵōÿ Screams...

Hey that really is cool. Id be totally flattered. I hope they get to do it before the semester is over! Much Love Jeff!!

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