Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So in my time here on blog I find I've attracted almost as many hecklers as I have followers. (Not that I have man y followers anymore, seems everyone has run off to Facebook land).
My hecklers seem to fall into 2 or 3 categories. Either the religious nuts who get upset by the name of my site without ever bothering to actually read my stuff, the nameless weirdo's who find complaining is their only form of communication with the rest of humanities, and the outright stupid folks.
The religious nuts are perhaps my favorite ones, I love pissing off bible thumpers who can't think for themselves. Most of the ones I have had on here have complained about the name of the site, Blind Idiot God, without ever actually realizing I'm not talking about their precious Jehovah or Allah or which ever deity they bow down before. The name of the site actually comes from a writer of horror fiction from the 1920's. Of course, most of the major deities come from fiction books also, but that's neither here nor there for me. It's not that I don't believe in a higher power, I just don't think organized religions have gotten it right yet, which is why they keep causing wars rape and other atrocities in the name of their respective gods.
The nameless weirdo's can be fun, but I have a tendency to just delete their stuff without reading it too far in once I realize it's just another heckler. From people who have made fun of pictures of my friends, to ones who sprout political crap, to even one who took exception to my complaining about the Government Census because it somehow would upset his parents from getting their welfare. Most of these folks are sad people who have nothing better to do than just surf the web looking for things to cry about once they're done looking through porn (not that I downplay the fun of porn searches, but afterwards find some other way of dealing with your afterglow).
Of course I sometimes keep the stupid people's stuff, some of it is just so damn funny. From horrible grammar to atrocious spelling (I can't spell, but I have learned of the joy of spell check, which most sites, including Blogger, offer for free).
In the end I just wonder about the folks who post their thoughts on here under the anonymous sign. Is it they don't have anything to say themselves and so must resort to faceless comments to others, or are they afraid of backlash and so cowardly hide themselves away from their comments?
Ah well, which ever maybe I just should be glad that anyone still stops by this small section of the blogland at all anymore.....

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