Saturday, March 26, 2011

Updates and furture worries...

So with only a month and a half left for the school year at work I'm looking forward to summer. The kids will still be in the building (Most of them don't bother going anywhere during rbeaks) but they'll mostly be there in the day/early evenings. Don't get me wrong, I like seeing them and talking to them, but I also like when the buildings empty by at least 2am. That way I can worry less about someone having proped open the doors or setting off alarms by accident.
I'm also waiting for our new Union to actually start doing something.. anything for that matter. We have 3 months left on our current contract, the one that was put in before the Union was voted in, and they haven't started even trying to negotiate a new one. I have a nasty feeling we may be going through another year without raises. Blah.

Thinga re gearing up for our trip this late summer to Germany for the wedding. My Babushka's Maid O Honor is getting married. We've got the tickets and have put in for our days off, so now we just have to try and save money up for the trip. I also have to talk to my Doc about possible pain pills for my back for the flight over. Would suck to fly to Germany and spend the time bed locked because my back went out from the plane seats. Sigh.. getting old sucks...

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