Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fading Around

I was looking at my wedding album this afternoon, and it occurred to me how many of my close friends I don't see much these days. At one point in my life I used to joke that if I got married I'd have more friends than family at the wedding. By the time I got married there were decidedly less friends than I would have ever thought. Now only 1 1/2 later even those friends I barely see anymore. A few I get to keep in touch with thanks to Facebook, but many have just faded away from my life if not my heart.
Lil Sis moved to Florida... we talk by phone often but I miss seeing her.
Midget I still talk to and occasionally see
Poet I work with so I talk to him the most, although we rarely get together after work.
Bm & The Hottie I haven't seen in ages. The Hottie is on Facebook, but only occasionally. We have alternate schedules so we haven't been able to visit in so long
Kells Bells I've only talked to/seen 3 times since the wedding. She doesn't return my calls and to be honest I've started to slack off on calling now
Bro and I still talk once in a blue moon. Don't get me wrong, we're as close as ever, we just don't find much time to get to chat. He and all the ones in bOregon fall into this category.
BS I haven't heard from even on Facebook in ages.
Heaven occasionally says hi on facebook, but it's hit or miss with her.
Boston tries to get together with me whenever she visits CT, but that's only on some holidays.
J$ I can't seem to ever get a hold of.
Mr. Bri I've seen recently, but it still is long breaks between visits.
Roe-Roe has been through some turbulence and we haven't been able to make a visit work in quite a while.
Quad L hasn't been around very much since her marriage.
Ug I hear from very rarely on Facebook.
Ant is on facebook and we talk fairly often, but I haven't heard anything from her Mom Isis since almost a year before my wedding.
And I'm actually friends with the Demon's oldest sister on Facebook, MalloChelle. We only talk ever 2 months or so, but it's funny how I can be so close still with the family after all that's happened, but it's good to.
So I wonder why it is that life does it's best to rip friends apart. I tried so hard for so long to hold onto the folks I love, but I guess in the end with most of them I just wasn't strong enough.
Makes me sad.....

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Blogger Libby Screams...

aza--my gosh, i cant believe its you!

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

2002 was the "Year of Distraction" where I was supposed to be doing all the right things only to be faced with the Raiders in the SUper Bowl and the A's in the World Series.
Well, I was far off expectations. The Raiders still got what they want, unless they were supposed to win, because I was a Steeler fan when I was a child. But the A's, my only favorite team in all of sports, the team the gods created a connection with, where my fate/potential was illustrated through their achievement or lack therof, lost their World Series matchup, with the Giants of course (Bay Bridge Series created great excitement) and as a "consolation prize" the A's were given the AL win streak record of 20 games in a row during the month of August.
I think this is why the Raiders were good back then:::me. The Situation.
I think they positioned Al Davis to along the way learn the truth and become good, and the Cable fiasco may have been the clue they are deliberately tanking the team so they don't provide a distraction to the poor Raider Nation who are so handicapped in this department. But Al Davis isn't going to live forever.
As I illustrated with "angel dust", there are clues in names and terms. I think it is true as well for Los Angeles. I suspect the gods put an unincorporated Hollywood in Los Angeles's boundries to balance the goodness, as is so prevalient in today's organization structures.
Judging from their success, the Raiders were still positioned to be confused when they initially moved to Los Angeles, but along the way the gods positioned the proprietors to have become educated. Return move a positive because it corrects the earlier mistake, but one day, when Al Davis is no longer with us, the new owners of the Raiders will reverse the trend, making the Raiders evil once again, and they will return to Los Angeles to pollute the City of Angels, just as the movie industry does on a daily basis.

Buttfucking gods. I ain't your fucking slave.

4:36 PM  

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