Sunday, July 07, 2013

Time Flies

Wow.. so much happening so fast. Babushka is home on bedrest. We lived at the Hospital for 5 weeks. At this point the Baby has a 85% chance of survival. I'm actually feeling hopeful. We have either Quad L or MommaRita staying with her when I'm at work. So if anything happens they can get her to hospital, and since I work only 10 minutes from the hospital I can be there when they get there. Of course the house is nowhere near ready for a baby, but we'll deal when we can. I've been talking to the Demon again, a lot actually. We're friends on facebook and I gotta say it's great catching up with her and having her in my life again. I've also been talking with Sharebear (aka. Purple Pyramid or Isis) on facebook as well. That is still touch and go, but is nice to hear from her once in a while. Haven't seen K&B Toystore for a while, and probably won't for a bit, but they know I love them and I have no fears of loosing touch. Heaven has a new beau, now that she is divorced, and her time is taken up with him. Mr. Bri got married and is uber-happy. My Bro was at the wedding and was nice enough to find time to visit hospital so I could see him and family. Lil Sis is doing good down in Old Folks Florida. Hmmm.. probably missing lots of people, but thing is other than occasional posts on facebook I haven't seen many f the friends circle in a while. Life just got busy, and time keeps flying away so fast.

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