Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Reunited.. and it Feel so Good

So it's been weird.. the last few months it seems like I'm talking to a lot of friends who I thought were gone from my Life.. the Demon is back.. Isis is back... have actually gotten to visit with KellsBells... although Heaven has stopped talking to me again... she has a new boy friend and so I guess I'm on the outs... but got a phone call from CoffeeGod, who I need to call back... is just strange to be hearing from them all again.. strange and wonderful... and I hope it continues...

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Blogger V Screams...

Hey there, Aza!

Good to see you're still out and amongst! I spend most of my time on Twitter now, but trying to do better about actual writing as I used to do. Hope this finds you well! Hugs!


8:54 PM  
Anonymous Immi Screams...

Nice post, Keep posting ...

6:07 AM  

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