Friday, August 16, 2013

Flying by the Seat

So life rushes on. My Son (Prodigal) is now over a month old. He's still in the Hospital, where he's getting closer and closer to coming home. The house is of course no where near ready. And I've managed to pull a muscle in my side so that makes the work go even slower. We just don't have a lot of room in our home, so fitting in a child is causing us to throw out a lot and box up even more. I have the garage somewhat cleaned, thanks to help from Babushka, KellsBells and WorriedSis. Now I get to box stuff upstairs up and fill the garage again. Speaking of friends, so KellsBells is doing so-so. He health after years of chemical abuse continues to slide. For one of the more beautiful women I know it amazes me how bad she's doing physically. Hate seeing her go through it all. Lil Sis and her Hubby are still happy in Old Folks Florida. They've actually been appearing in local movies, two flicks about Zombies. One was called Just Another Day, and the new one is And Tomorrow Comes. Very happy for them, even though I hate how far away she is. She gets mad at me because I haven't come to visit her. But I told her once the main reason and she couldn't handle it. We're planning the Baby Shower for early September. Should be a blast. Lots of friends and family. Babushka wants me to stay for it, which should be interesting. The only prob is if the Prodigal comes home too soon from the hospital. Not sure what we do then. Can't expose him to that many people, which could mean I'd be at the Shower without Babushka. Cringe. Been talking almost ever day to the Demon. I'm so happy she's back in my life. For all the pain that came from loosing her, it amazes me how much I still Love her and need her in my life. She is doing so-so in her life, but she has a Son who is her world, and that makes me happy. Hope this time she stays around, maybe we can finally work past the reasons she always left by just staying in contact as friends. We may never get to see each other face to face (her Baby-Dad is a jealous person and doesn't even know we talk online.) but I'll even take just conversations on the computer for the rest of my life if that's all I can get. So facebook takes up a lot of my time now. It's become my easy way to keep in touch with people. Just leave quick posts or comments and viola! no need to talk in person. Yea, sometimes I hate it. I don't get to visit people anymore, and they don't realize how long it's been, because we talk on facebook. But, it's still better than loosing them, and for many who have moved away it's better than racking up a phone bill. Work trudges along. They still have me on this ridiculous 6pm to 2am shift. Would love to get back to third shift, but I think someone will have to retire or die before that happens. Then again, thanks to this shift we won't need a babysitter or daycare. There's always someone home at our house. So even after I go back to work (am taking 3 weeks off when Prodigal gets home) we should be covered good. Also, have family and friends who will cover if we need them too. WorriedSis is just 5 minutes away, along with my niece Sunshinny. My Folks are even closer than that. Do-Nut girl can watch him some nights when she gets off work. Babushka's folks are both retired. There is also Columbia available. So lots of alternatives. But for now just concentrating on getting the house ready, spending time at the hospital with Prodigal and Babushka, and talking to the Demon when I can. Next week is our daughter's Birthday. This is going to be a hard day. Not sure how we are going to get through it. I took the day off, but not sure if we're going to go somewhere or just shut down. Will wait and see. Peace.

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