Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Night

So sitting at work, been lazy tonight. Was hoping to get to talk to the Demon on Facebook, but no luck. Sometimes it worries me when she doesn't come on, guess part of me still expects her to leave my life again. But so far she's stayed and I'll take that for as long as I can get it. My back hurts tonight, think I've just been sitting too long. Am tired too. Working 8 hours, then home to watch Prodigal till 8Am, then maybe 4 hours of sleep. It takes a toll after a while. But am trying to let Babushka get as much sleep as I can give her. Been seeing a shrink for depression. He gave me stuff to do during our week break but I haven't done it. Part of it is just being lazy, part of it is not wanting to. Just been feeling more and more down as time goes on. Anyways. Will post again soon I hope. Peace.

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