Friday, September 03, 2004


What do you do when you realize that you've caused pain to someone you care about? That while you thought you were making them laugh and smile you were really just hurting them? What do you do when sorry just doesn't cut it? When there's nothing you can do to make it better or make it up to them? I have failed someone I cared so deeply for, and apparently have been doing so for quite some time without knowing it. After Meesha died I went on a big kick about not being good enough. Time and again I prove myself right. Good intentions are not enough. All I have left is the word: Sorry, and the pain in me from knowing I failed. Yet again.

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Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

You told me to ignore this blog but I can't. You are not "not good enough" you are good beyond words. You didn't fail me honey. We failed each other. We did it by neglecting our best skill. Communication. We communicated about everything except the most important thing. Us. Baby, you didn't do this alone. I was a really big help. And I'm begging you to not be sorry about it. Let's just call this a learning experience. Remember...ALWAYS.

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