Friday, November 12, 2004


Well, the holidays are approching fast and as usual it looks like I'm going to be short on cash. It suxs year after year not being able to get the stuff I want to get people. I should start buying stuff for people months in advace, but it never seems to happen. So instead here I am trying to make as list of who I need to buy for and who I should just send a card to. Then there's the matter of getting addresses for people so I can send them cards. I come up with some good gift ideas, but there expensive. Sometimes I hate this time of year. It's why I've always been a fan of buying people things whenever I feel like, with or without a reason. Because when it comes time to have a gift I can't always promise I'll have money. I also....
Ok... wait... A small tangent here... I still Hate these damn cap locks!!! I hate being in the middle of typing and realizing half-way down the page that at some point my big fat fingers hit that damn cap locks and I've typed half the page in capitols. Then I've got to delete it and try and rmemeber what the hell I've said so I can retype it. I HATE that! Why the hell aren't they put somewhere out of the way? Someone needs to seriously redesign keyboards.
Ok, sorry for that. Anyways, as I was saying, I wish they would make it so you got your tax return before the holidays. At least then I could buy stuff for people whithout getting way behind on my bills. Every year it's the same damn thing, put off a few bills so I can afford gifts, then hope nothing gets sent to collection agencys before I get my tax return so I can pay them off. I hate playing catch up. But what else can I do? Oh well. Here's hoping everyoen else is looking forward to the holidays. Smile.

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Blogger Bookend Screams...

I know what you mean about that damn Caps Lock button...same thing happens to me all the time...

1:07 PM  
Blogger Joy Screams...

Well on a more frightening note my keyboard is so overused that it only has 3 letters visible. Q, Z and X. And I can type 90 wmp on it. The sick part is whenever I use someone elses Keyboard, one that has letters, my type speed drops to 70 wmp, because I actually look for the letters when they are available. I too do the caps lock thing by accident, because of the speedy typing and fat fingers issue.

The plus side of this is that my 15 year old son doesnt have a snowballs chance in hell of sneaking onto my PC and doing all those weirdo things boys that age do. Besides, Im not sure what he would even find if he googled the word boobies anyway. :D

Hmm think Ill go check...

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

I still don't know why the cap lock is put in such an annoying place. Maybe you should be the one to invent a new keyboard, I think you would be good at it.

Ok, as far as the holiday thing, don't do it!, work with in you budget, and you won't go so crazy. I do realize I might as well be talking to a wall but I have to try. To some degree I do it too. I do try to put some control on it at least to say my bills get paid even if not as much is saved. Good luck.
Try to find joy in the holidays, something to look foward too.

9:25 PM  

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