Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thanksgiving thoughts pt.3: BM&Family

I met both BM and his wife in collage. My friend Midget introduced me to the Hottie. BM just turned up one day. At the time they were just friends, but even then everyone could see how much they cared about each other and how good they would be when it happened. I watched them both go through some relationships, wondering why they couldn't see what everyone else could. Finally , thanks to heavy drinking, they ended up being the couple we all knew they should be.
I have always been a strong believer in love. Yet so many times I have watched it fall apart, for myself and others. But through it all there has been Bm and the Hottie going strong. They have thier fights, but they never last long. (BM doesn't have the attention span needed to stay mad for long. It's one of his better points). Ever since I saw them as a couple I knew that no matter what happened in life they would find a way to get through it together. From being a couple to living together to getting a place together to buying a house together to the birth of thier son little C to the recent pregnancy pt 2. They have been an inspiration to me. Athough times and money have been tough sometimes, they held together. I always smile around them, you just can't help it. They have differant tastes then most ( She loves the 80's and goth. He loves old punk, old metal, and some new stuff that you don't hear on the radio ( except certain odd stations). She can do the white girl dance for the 80's to a tee. She likes to occasionally strike wierd poses just for the hell of it. He drives while doing the old metal sign (devil sign with you hands) and will sing songs about chikens and particle board.). They both have a slightly warped sense of humor. (Try asking him what he got her for thier first Valentines. They kept it in thier living room for years.) We get together and watch bad horror movies and eat (food rules!). Anytime I get depressed I know if I see them I'll end up laughing. BM can't be serious for more than a couple of min. and his laughter is infectious. The Hottie will soemtimes just laugh at his antics, or sit and smile at him with such a look of love on her face it almost feels like spying to look at. They have proven to be phenominal parents who little C is so lucky to have. They love him as much as they so obviously love each other. Just as they will the up and commer that will soon cause the Hottie to break out the maternity dresses again. He is a very handsome man, despite what he says. She has earned the nickname Hottie (I think I've already covered them both, but what the hell...it's worth repeating.). Little C could be a baby model. I'm so happy that I've gotten to share a little of thier lives, and hope they will continue to let me steal some of thier time every now and then. They always make me feel welcome. They also always make me feel apreciated, which is a rare thing. Without them I would have lost faith in what I believe in most in life, pure and simple Love. Thanks, BM & Family. I love you.

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Blogger BM, The Necessary Movement Screams...

Goddamn you are too nice!! Why must you drive me to tears before a holiday!?!?!?! I love you to man. Just to add on how we met, which I am sure you know, but I feel like typing!

We were in the same homeroom class in high school because of our last names starting with the beloved letter “M” I was the obnoxious prick running in circles like I had mad cow disease trying to chase my own imaginary tail (Which I caught once, I will have you know) She was the quite one. Kept to her self, not talking to anyone, just reading a book. For some weird reason I find people who are quite and able to maintain peace when everything else around them is absolutely insane and they have the ability to remain in their own world attractive. She would just sit there and read her book. One day I decided to see what she was reading. It was some Steven King book. I thought it was great!! A morbid pale girl!!! Wonderful!!! I said to her “Good Book” she smiled and I walked away. Apparently she had a crush on me! That was 1989!!! We didn’t hook up until 1997!!!

Isn’t love weird? Thank God for weird love.

Sorry to ramble this much on your blog.

Here is to shy pale girls


9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

Very nice stories both of you. Although I may not be able to coment on the early years. I can say everything about the later year in this blog is very true. I love going to their house, it's always fun, happy, with its twist, and they always make you feel owe so good.
Hears to true love, it's a marvel to see.

10:53 PM  

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