Monday, January 03, 2005

Time passed

Started the year dating the Demon. A Dream come true, she had come back again and was in love with me.
Isis was missing in Florida.
Felt like I was losing Heaven.
Spending time with Babushka, Sis, BM&family, J$, Cuz's.
In line to be made manager at work.
Planning on losing wieght.

Demon left.
Isis returned, we fought for the first time and now there's a distance due to a personal choice she's made.
Reunited with Roe.
Still losing Heaven, farther than ever.
J$ off to San Damn Diego. Came back to visit on Turkey day.
Got to Canada, saw relitives haven't seen in 5 years.
Lost Bro's granpa, got to see Bro and family though.
Sis lost father.
Quit Job, started selling shiny things.
Started Blogging.
Got to see Brendragon.
Aunt died.
Bm&Hottie having kid pt.2.
Saw old friend Vinmaster.

Ending year Missing the Demon lots.
Missing Heaven.
Missing Isis.
Haven't seen BM for a month due to holidays and Hottie being sick.
Haven't seen Roe due to holidays.
Babushka in Puerto Rico.
Back in contact with Midget again.
Still close to Cuz's.
Occasionally hear from J$.
Have found other Bloggers who are good peoples.
End of Web TV.
Feeling old.
Fatter than ever.
Tired too much.
Tired of life sometimes. But too stubborn to stop yet.

Welcome 2005, lets see what turns lie up ahead. Life hasn't broken me yet.

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Blogger BM, The Necessary Movement Screams...

The holidays are over, Our Health is back, Our chaotic schedule has calmed it self for the time being!! Come on over!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:40 PM  

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