Sunday, July 11, 2004

In jokes

Ever have an IN joke? A joke that's just between you and one or more people? Or worse, been sitting there while others enjoy an in joke? Ever have to try and explain them to someone? Especially when they only made sense at the time? Well here's a few of mine, unexplained, for those who know:

Jumping Cow
Everybody was kung foo fighting
Mr. Sandman
Washing the Headboard
This is Nobby Nobs!
Rabid piranha mice
Glitter sidewalk
Lord of the not quite darkness
Great Googaly Moogaly
Wraping M's x-mas gifts
Back massages
Dop Dwee, Dop Dop Dop Dwee Dau
Randall Phlegm
Gansta Bitch Barbie
Fish pears clocks and polkadots
Muchas Smoochas!
Potatoy French Fries
Why is he wearing my girlfriend dress?
Ah wah twa!
Swedish meatballs, boingy boingy boingy
Oi Oi Oi I smell a hurt in here
Wasting away again down at Maria's house
Running through the meadows
Gigaty Gigaty
It's Snarting
Goat's go to heaven
Briden BACH!
Personilized flotation devices
Elvis archers
He's coming right at us!
Hitting the headboard
Grape lollipops
Escalator rides
Lizard kiss
Tickle Bugs
Shhh  Go Seep
Baby eating baby

I may add more later. If you don't know them, too bad. Somethings just shouldn't be explained. If you do know one or two, smile! Memories remain long after events have passed.

6 Voices In The Darkness:

Blogger BM, The Necessary Movement Screams...

All sidewalks should sparkle!

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

Well you made me laugh quite a bit, about 10 or so. Danger willrobison Danger. We are off like the proverbial prom dress. Don't tell me you got it in your hair again. THE BABY EATING BABY!
I may go as high as 10 some day, but I am not quite sure what that would do to you.
Lizard kisses, to many to count. I am sad to say I have started to get use to them, like a vegtable you didn't like as a kid, but you try it enough and you end up liking it.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...


10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...


12:30 PM  
Blogger Dream Screams...

*Uh huh huh... bink...*
Isn't it perfect when it all comes together in the silliest of ways... That was perfect...
Of course... Rabid Pirahna Mice wasn't bad either... LOL
I'm amazed you woke up with a face...

10:40 PM  
Blogger Purplepyramid Screams...

You know the rules!

10:05 AM  

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