Friday, December 03, 2004


23 days, 2 paychecks, and I'm only half done with shopping. Holiday stress sucks. I hate being broke. I hate being paid every 2 weeks. Grrrrr....
I still have several people to buy for, Including 3 of my 4 nephews/nieces. Some I still don't know what the hell to get. I hate people who say they either don't know what they want or don't want anything. Just make more stress for me right? Your telling me there's nothing you could use? I don't care if it's something little, like a t-shirt or a knife set or a GC to the movies. But for god's sake come up with some ideas or I'm going to get you something from my imagination and if you don't like it tough. I'm going to spend the money so at least give me a chance to spend it on something you like.
As for myself, I've been telling everyone what I'd like are some nice Pictures of everyone. I don't care if thier professionally done, hell take one on a digital camera of you and your significate other/family and print it out. It's not that hard. If you can spare the cash put it in a frame, they're really cheap at CVS, but if not then just give it to me and I'll get a frame for it. Simple enough. Hell, one of my friends doesn't like his picture taken, so every year he prints out a picture of a nude girl and sends that to me. I don't care. I know most of my friends are either broke or hard up for cash so I don't expect alot from them. A simple card is enough, or maybe a visit and a hug. Or a phone call, I'm easy going about it.
Hope everyone's doing good so far this season. Let's see if I can manage not to get depressed.

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Blogger gundum_shenlong Screams...

Fine, you can get me a nuclear warhead. Then I'll show everyone who's in charge. Charles in charge....I mean I'm in charge. As William shatner would say: Ex-el-ex

10:04 AM  
Blogger Gama Screams...

Don't you hate it when people tell you they don't want anything?
I didn't what know to get my nieces, but thanks to my sister and my sister-in-law I went to Old Navy and bought them clothes.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

I could give you a list if you like, but you didn't seem to need one.
Hugs and visits are good for me, I agree.
I didn't get you a picture, sorry, but I will try to work on it for your birthday.

11:37 PM  

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