Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Here and Gone (But only in my sleep)

If I died, how would people know? I mean, yes obviously most of the people in my life would find out, but not all. The police would notify my family, they would tell the friends of mine who they know, who in turn would tell most of my other friends. But what of those who are outside of my immediate circle? Those who I only talk to occasionally? Would they call sometime in the future, only to find out I'd passed away quite a while back? How would that feel? 'Oh Jeff died in a car accident last year". No one else has a password to my e-mail or blog. So those people would only find out by accident, it would just seem like I dissapeared. BM, Brendragon, Gundumschlong, Sokmunky and maybe Isis would post about it, but not all my readers go to thier sites. It would seem like I just stopped posting or commenting. How do you know if something happens to someone else in blogland? My long distance e-mail correspodence would think I wasn't returning thier letters. What of those who don't call me unless I call them first? Would they wonder as the months went by? How would it feel to find out? To use an example, how would UG feel if he finnaly broke down and called after me not posting for some time? Only to hear about my passing? How about Static, who I only talk to these days by e-mail? He doesn't even have my # so he might never find out. I'd just be gone. Would the Demon try and get a hold of me a few years from now only to learn she can never come back again? How would Isis find out since she never calls me anymore (Yep Isis, I'm picking on you)? Would some of them see it in the newspaper (But who reads the news anymore)? Or would they never find out?
See this is why I hate dreaming. This is the type of stuff I dreamed about last night. In it I died and watched as one of my cuz's tried to find a way to let my friends know. He had one of my photo albums out and was trying to see if he could contact the people in it. I need to either stop sleeping (which I don't do much of anyways) or find some kind of dream suppressant drug. But it did get me thinking. Like, There's been no post by Joy for almost a month, and at one point she was practically a once a day poster, so what happened? Angry Nice Guy's site was just gone one day. Rev. Mad Duck and Purplepyramid (Aka Isis) I know so I know why they don't post anymore, others like Static and Grey Eyed Dan warned that they were stopping. But what would haoppened if someone died? How would we know? If I did, would you know?

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Blogger BM, The Necessary Movement Screams...

I am dead!! I am actually a Bot trying to make you subscribe to my hell.

Wait there I am!!!
Now you can see me…
Whoops I am gone again,
You lost me with hunger thoughts interrupted by a triple at Wendy’s

I am much sexier dead.
kinda crisp like rye toast.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Gama Screams...

For in that sleep of death
what dreams may come

-William Shakespeare,

Dreams about the dead or about death are not usually omens of literal death, although they may indicate anxiety about death. Violent death may represent anger and aggression, although much depends on the more general tone or "atmosphere" of the dream. When the dreamer dies but is not particularly unhappy or distraught in the dream, death often symbolizes the letting go (or "death") of an old part of the self or the destruction of a prior stage of life. A lifeless corpse, on the other hand, may represent a feeling devitalization-a kind of death in life that comes from adhering to a lifeless routine.

"The dream encyclopedia, by James R. Lewis.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

I've thought of that before too; never dreamed it though - I bet you woke up with such an uneasy feeling! I've imagined what my former students would say when they heard. I mean, if something had happened when I was teaching, they would have come to my funeral. But if I were in a wreck now, they wouldn't know. Would some person who heard about it just mention it in passing? Would they be sad then? Would any of them visit my grave?

Eerie stuff to think about...

I hope you have a much more pleasant dream tonight, Az!

11:19 AM  
Blogger The Creeping Unknown Screams...


Wishing you pleasant dreams! That was a difficult thing to read because it's so true.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

that dream was eery. i guess that i will never know when you die and if i die...oh i just thought of something. you could make a will and tell whoever reads it to go to your site and post a statement to blog land. otherwise we'll never know when you die. i hope you don't die for a long time.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Midget Screams...

all you need to do is give someone you trust your blog and e-mail passwords, and have them blanket email everyone in your address book (which I know is voluminous....). This trusted person can also log into your blogger account and let everyone of us know also. This doesnt matter tho, because you will not die. You are too big and fuzzy.

6:12 PM  
Blogger She Must be Full of BS Screams...

Yep, Midget's right on the money. Esp. re: the big & fuzzy bit.

Love you hon.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Max Screams...

Hi Azathoth!
Just wanted to say HI! I havn't talked to you in a while...

11:31 PM  

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