Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tarfoot (memories+stuff)

Back when I used to spend a lot of time hanging at my Bro's house we used to go for walks. One of our favorite strolls was to follow the disfunct Trolley Tracks. They lead from East Haven to Brandford,a nd it was a nice walk through the woods. On this particular day it was my Bro, his Lady, his brother(Scruff) and our friend the Poet. Now my Bro's lady, Pyaty, decided it was so nice out we should all go barefoot on this walk. Well, my Bro decided not to but hte rest of us were game, so off we headed without foot wear (except, Pyaty brought hers along strung around her neck.). We walked down to the tracks and followed them for about 2 miles. It was at this point we noticed something wrong, our feet really hurt! Sitting down at a stopway we discovered a fact that hadn't occured to us before. The tracks had been being repaired for use again and as part of the repairs they had laid down Tar on them. So there were our feet with a lovely layer of tar on the bottom. It was sticky, and it burned slightly. I'm still not sure how we hadn't noticed the burning sensation before, maybe it was a case of them being stoned and me being a little tipsey, but at this poibnt we were all quite straight and in pain. Bro was fine, and Pyaty put her shoes on, but that left Poet, Scruff and myself to walk 2 miles back to the house with tar covered feet over tar covered tracks. After about 1/2 a mile back Scruff was in so much pain he could hardly walk, his feet had started to bleed. Being who I am I picked him up on my back and piggybacked him the rest of the way. By the time we got back Poet was in tears, and I was leving bloody footprints behind me. Pyaty felt horrible for suggesting it, and Bro was laughing his a** off. To be honest it was because I was laughing too. Yeah it hurt, but I couldn't stop talking in a fake high voice about how all we needed was some feathers and we could reenact the middle ages torture stuff. It took almost 3 hours of scubbing with soap and the hose to get the crap off our feet, and by the time we were done everyone was in stiches about how damn dumb could we be. Pyaty had to throw out her shoes, it was like there was glue in them. And when Scruff then suggested we go for a walk on the trolleys, we all took turns soaking him with the hose. We did walk down those tracks many more times before my Bro, Pyaty and Scruff left for bOregon, and ever time one of us would joke about taking our shoes off. Now whenever I go by those tracks I still feel a twing in my feet, but I also start to laugh about the idea of being young and dumb.

Ironically enough, last time they were back we did end up going for a walk on the tracks, but even with much promting none of us were willing to go barefoot.

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Blogger BM, The Necessary Movement Screams...

Ha!!! Great story!!!

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

Excellent story! Though my feet empathize. When I was a kid - like four years old, I watched a man walk on hot charcoals on TV. So, a few days later, when we grilled out, I watched my dad pour the charcoal down near the woods and decided that I would go walk on the charcoal... Not a good plan.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Dorko Screams...

That's an excellent story with the lesson learned and the fond memory hiding ~ just outside the circle of pain!
[I hail from sticker country...learned early to always pack some kinda foot gear with me] Big smiles for you!

12:38 PM  
Blogger Bookend Screams...

Great Story...complete with joy and misery...

Thanks for sharing your memory

2:45 PM  

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