Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Question for the ladies (probably gonna piss someone off with this post).

Ok I have a question for the women out there: What is the meaning in Bra sizes? Out of the sex partners I've had, as well as several friends who I've gone shopping with, I've noticed that sometimes the whole bra thing just doesn't make sense. I had a girlfriend who was a 42DD and they were rather large, but I have another friend who is a 38DD and they don't look nearly as big. My little Heaven was measured for her wedding dress as a 40F yet she says she can sqeeze them into a 38DD if necessary, yet she is obviouly lots bigger than my friend who is 38DD. I just don't get it. My Kells used to be a 36C, but says she's a 36D now, which is only one cup size yet she looks almost 3x bigger than before. I know the differance between big tits and fat tits (big ones are permenant, fat ones will dissapear if the women losses wieght), but the whole bra thing just makes no sense to me. Growing up I had a friend who had to have her bras custom made at the age of 15, she was a 36H at the time (her nickname was the Genetic Freak and she was a lesbian and proud of her body even though people used to make fun of her. Used to have a blast sitting around making people think we were dating while we were actually checking girls out together.). So which sizes can you buy at a store? And whats the point of a stuffed DD bra? Or for that matter an A cup? I've seen both while visiting my Lil Sisi when she was working the Wal-Mart lingerie section. Should you just use a band-aid at that point (Not trying to piss any one off here, sorry if I do. In high school I had a jean jacket covered in buttons with differant sayings. The one I got the most crap about wasn't my FUCK OFF AND DIE one but instead my BOOBS COME IN THREE SIZES SMALL MEDIUM AND OH MY GOD one. All the big chested girls laughed and all the rest got pissy about it. Actually both the Demon and her sister thought it was the funniest pin they'd even seen). Also I've been told that the same size bra in differant makes will fit differantly, why? Isn't there an agreed way to measure them? It makes it damn hard to buy certain stuff as a gift (Such as aforementioned lingerie). Would the same size take differant bras depending on if they are either firm or droopy? I just don't get it. Why must you ladies make everything so damn difficult? I know women use a differant measurements for you pant sizes than men (We just use the real measurements of our waists, while you have some wierd code that doesn't seem to do any good at making you feel less fat. Especially when I know a girl who says she takes a size 3 but wants to loose wieght. A size 3 in men wouldn't fit on any part of my body!). Why is it that most of the time women arn't happy with thier bra size? If they're large they want to be small, if they're small they want to be large. The only ones who ever seem happy are in the C range. How am I supposed to buy stuff if I don't understand weather or not it fits!?!

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Blogger ThreeOliveMartini Screams...

sometimes its as confusing for us as well.. i can wear a 38DD or a 40 C .. the number is an actual measurment.. its the number of inches around the body right under the breast.. its called the band measurement.. makes sense cause its the band of the bra that the cups are attached to .. now.. as for cup size.. welllllllll.. i am not sure the scientic measurements of those.. I would say A to B would be considered small.. C to D .. medium to large.. and DD to what ever is Large ... you can usually find to 38 DD sometimes 40 C or D in regular stores.. in places like Fredricks and VS.. you can find larger.. i hope this has helped out some

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Blogger Alekx Screams...

I must have had fat tits cuz when I lost all the weight, I went from a 48D (almost DD) to a 36C
Pett errrr three olvies is right, the number like 48 and 36 are the inchs measurement right under the breasts. This causes confussion because even though I'm a 36, my ribs poke out in my chest so mines all bone and stuff, each manufacture has their own style of "cup" though the cup sizes are standard the design is what screws up the fit so women have to try on different bras until they find the style that fits best.
When buying aford said lingree it's easiest to stick with a basic lacy no support with some streach stuff..You know the black streachy sexy stuff. That way you can kinda stuff and move your boobs in for a decent fit. :-)

Pants and shirts..yup it's a secret code that we will never give up.

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Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

I don't think I'd be happy if I became a C b/c I'm so used to be a DD. Fortunately, in losing weight, they seem to stay a DD, so far at least. Honestly, if they got smaller when I lost weight, I think I'd have to get implants because I'd feel too small as a C.

A lot of it depends on the style of the bra and the brand of the bra, I think. I mean, I can wear a 36DD, but a 38DD is the best fit. But I actually have one 40D too, I think. It's a lot like with jeans. You kind of learn which ones are made for apples and which are for pears... Try to pick the one that's best for your body type or whatever. It IS way more complicated that it should be, I think.

I'm not at all offended by your asking though. In fact, I think it's a good thing. Too many men assume that the band size should be really big if someone is well-endowed, and they don't understand that part at all. It gets on my nerves. THANK YOU for wanting to understand!

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Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

the number is your chest circumference and the cup is the actual tit size like the girth. so when you lose weight, you can lose both. bras are stupid anyway. i hate having to wear one. you should be lucky you are a man. no one is making you put on some strappy thing to hold your body parts up so that they don't droop and get ugly. oh but you do have to put that stupid tie thing on. that's ridiculous too.

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Blogger She Must be Full of BS Screams...

I totally agree with jadedprimadonna about it being great to ask, it's good to want to know the technical bits... unfortunately, it is really hard to buy for someone else because so many styles will fit the same breast differently; while a breast may be the same 'size' as another, but a different 'shape', and therefore fit differently into the same exact style. It's a mess, and I hate it, which is why I only have one bra that really fits me properly, and as I'm losing weight, it's starting to get all pouchy up top. GRRR.

Good luck, and in case you need to know[strictly for reference, of course], I tend to fit a 38-40, D-ish.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Alekx Screams...

har har har har
I can't breath
Mooker...I'm thinking strappy things to hold things up and not droop and look ugly...
OUR lovely men have jockstraps as their version of our bras

Sorry I just was self amuzed at my insight...
Anyone else understand my rantings...

3:04 PM  
Blogger Dorko Screams...

This is what you think about when your back is out!
Poor Aza.
You do need a boobie fix... as long as your going to be laying around, you might as well have something to play with. ;)
Might help you to 'feel' better!

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