Tuesday, July 20, 2004


I have had my share of nicknames in my life. Wookie, Paladin, Buttons, Holmes, Pooh bear, Big Man, Teddy bear, Blue Eyes, Knight, Fuzzy Jeff, and several other less savory ones. Some of my freinds have nicknames and some don't. I've never been sure why that is. At one time or another I've called my friends: Sharebear, Sis, Heaven, Bro, Babushka, Mr. Brian, Lord of the not quite Darkness, Pooky,  Bm the necassary movement, J$, Snoogy Woogy Wips, Spasm, Demon, Hottie-Patotie, Jackalicious, Katiebear, Isis, Ant, Smiley, Munch-a-moo, Souless Child, Whips, Chains, Genetic Freak, Ja, Goombah, Roe-Roe, Lord of Sarcasm, Midget, Tiger, Psycho Baby, Vixen, Wonder Ho, and Ug.
    I've always assumed everyone realizes that these names are meant as a sign of affection.  I have several that I use as a kind of generic name, like Sweetie or Darlin. There are also several people I call Angel (I believe in Angels since I've met a few even if they don't realize that's what they are.). Some of the names are ones I've come up with while others are ones they already had and I've just picked up. I don't mean that if I don't have a nickname for someone I care about them any less. Just that some people kind of lend themselves to nicknames. Considering how many I've had I guess I'm one of them. So what's your favorite nickname?

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Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

The Ball Of Raw Animalistic Sexual Energy.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

That is kind have hard to say, you have given me so many, some that have made me laugh and some that I wish you hadn't,like Babushka (as you know it is not my ultimate favorite. From the others it might be a little hard, most of them mark some kind of moment, so I will get back to you.

12:15 AM  

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