Saturday, August 05, 2006

Question of the day

Ok, I was debaing between posting this question and doing a piece on the mysteries of the natural world. Hmmmm.... That would take a bit so I'll go with the question for now and leave the world alone till another day.
So whats the question you ask?

What do you consider to be the most embarressing thing you've done for the sake of a relationship?

An example you ask? Ok, mine would have to be actually making a cd of myself singing songs for the Demon. Yep that's right, the ultimate tone deaf person in the world sang several songs onto a cd disc and gave it to her for Easter one year in her basket that I made. In my defense it was in response to a tape she'd made me some time before of her singing.
So what songs did the old Wookie sing? Alright... don't laugh. I sang "Beautiful in my Eyes" by Joshua Kadison (Which was a song that had personal meaning behind it for us, but I'm not going into it right now), "This Old Heart of Mine" By Rod Stuart (You just can't get any goofier a singer than Rod.). "I'll Be" By Reba McEntire, "Let me be Your Teddy Bear" By Elvis (And yes I did the Elvis voice, whcih I am actually good at), and "You are so Beautiful" by Joe Cocker (And I do a pretty good voice for him too.).
Yeah, sad ain't it? Ok, so what about you? And don't tell me you never did anything embarressing, love makes fools of us all.
So lets hear it, how big a fool have you been for your heart?

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Blogger boneman Screams...

Went eighteen years without any waitin' fer her t'call me back, and if she had, wow! What a great thing.
She never did, I got old, don't even know if it'll come, how's that fer embarrassing?

(sorry, I've fallen in with a bunch of poets and I cant seem t'stop the rhymmin' thing.)
but, then again, of allthe embarrassing things you'll hear, m'guess is that none of 'em is an Elvis song sing.

Dang! Cut it out! Stop that! Get out'a m'head!
Oh, shoot! being a poet's better'n bein' tread
upon and what the hey, it's actually kind'a fun.
But, take yer poetry somewhere else now bone, and bother someone


I never said I was GOOD at it)

11:52 PM  
Blogger The Lone Rangers Screams...

Az, Az, Az, "This old heart of Mine"???? OMG!! My sides hurt.

I never done anything THAT silly for love...

Well except in HS computer class where I had a program run on my PC (TRS80...was that a PC or glorified calculator?? and yes I AM old)...telling the girl that used the PC after me (Cheerleader) what I felt about her...yeah her bf kicked my ass...

Then the time in a swanky Fairfield CT restaurant where I got the table to table violin guy to play Teddy Bear while I sang it to my ex-wife...(and had back up singers in the form of well tipped wait staff...who DIDn't know the words)

She was mortified as were most of the other snooty patrons...

Besides that nothing really comes to mind..

9:17 AM  
Blogger BM, The Necessary Movement Screams...

I had a wedding.

12:14 PM  
Blogger MomThatsNuts Screams...

Yeah, Im with BM I had a wedding, but besides that,,,I begged. I got on the phone after he told me he wanted a divorce ( this was the sailor) and I BEGGED him to give me another chance, I swore changes that I could not possibly have done. I BEGGED....It didnt work, I have NEVER begged for anything since.....THAT was embarassing, and humiliating and FAR beneath me.....but hey you asked...


12:44 PM  
Blogger BeckoningChasm Screams...

I have never been anything other than a fool.

I guess that means, "everything."

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

When I was in ninth grade, I had a mad crush on this senior named Rodney - class president, lettered in four sports, valedictorian, etc. - your all around, all American small town hero type. He went on to be a Top Gun pilot in the Airforce. Anyway, he probably had no idea I existed. But I was watching one day and noticed that he kept his locker set so that it would open right up, without doing the combination. So, on Valentine's Day, I made a big bag filled with treats and this dumb card and put it in his locker - signing my actual name. I think he thought it was a cute thing this young kid did, based on what I heard. But every time he would see me in the hall, I would look away, and practically run in the other direction. I was soooooooooooo humiliated that I did that!

9:39 AM  
Blogger Libby Screams...

i bawled and begged when i was broken up with the last time...and i made sure it was the LAST time! i made it my business to be the 'dumper', and not the 'dumpee' from then on, spreading pain wherever i went..(oh well, worked for me...for a while!)

5:39 PM  
Blogger Burfica Screams...

mine wasn't so much for love as for a crush. All of us 4-H girls with horses had crushes on some of the cowboys that ran the rodeo's. We rode in the grand openings, and all tried out for rodeo queen.

But this one time. We had been hanging out at the arena for days, on our horses, showing off. And the rodeo cowboys we had crushes on came up and asked us three if we would be in the clown part of the show, all we had to do is sit there.

So...busiest night, couple hundred people from our small town watching. All the cute cowboys watching. We are led into the arena and sat down in the dirt indian style. Then we are blindfolded, told the clown with lift us under the arms and guess our weight.

Little did we know that three clowns got behind all three of us, along with pans of water. Yup that's right we were picked up and had our posteriors sat right in the pan of water. One girl flipped out, and ran off laughing/crying, one girl got up and chased down one of the clowns, I sat that, with hands on my head shakign my head, blindfold still on and still sitting in the water.

Everyone at the high school, had heard about it if they weren't there by the next monday.

7:14 PM  

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