Friday, September 07, 2007

My pause for a moment

So I was coming out of work on Thursday morning. It was about 8 am. I had just finished working a double, in fact I had worked 24 hours out of the last 32 and was running on 2 hours of sleep for that time. I had just dropped off the keys at our base and was walking outside to my car.
I paused. The sky was empty, yet there must have been a cloud over the sun because everything seemed tinged with grey. There was no sounds, which is unheard of at 8am on a weekday in New Haven. But no cars or animals or people were making any noise for this few moments. Everything just seemed muted. Maybe it was just my sleep deprived mind but my own movements seemed both sluggish and yet overly fast (if you've ever watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead, think of the part after the truck crashes during thier escape when the girl is confronted by Steve the d*ckhead having been zombified).
It was seriously like something out of a horror movie. I half expected to see either someone standing in the shadows beside the wall watching me or someone slowly shambling down the street towards me.
I LOVE moments like this. I thought I wouldn't have them anymore since we moved. Back in Northford there were times when I would go to get the mail and everthing would be so silent and unmoving that you'd swear that you were the only person left on earth. It'd be like something horrible had happened and everyone else was dead, and yet still you'd feel watched.
So I stopped there in the street for a moment, enjoying the feeling of it all.
hen a garbage truck turned the corner and it was all ruined. But at least it was there.
Ahhhhh..... Horror movies.

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Blogger Libby Screams...

oh, aza, that is such a cool and creepy feeling!!

12:01 PM  
Blogger Burfica Screams...


2:47 AM  
Blogger Ari Screams...

Go to the desert sometime. You really do feel like the last person on earth.

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Screams...

I absolutely love those moments too... nothing like fear to get the heart racing. I spent all weekend arguing with my son about why the original Halloween is better than the new one. If you've seen them both, what do you think?

5:04 PM  

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