Friday, July 06, 2012


K, they've changed stuff here on Blogger. The dashboard looks Uber-Weird and it took me a bit to actually find where the heck to click to post to my blogs. Lol. Getting Old. Next I know I'll be saying "Back in my days Blogger looked neater than this. And we respected our elder!". Course that's a lie. We still had mindless morons who'd spam or leave anonymous crap comments. But this is all a sidetrack, let's get back to the post. So have been sweating my Balls off at work. Thank God the Wife is already preggers. They've turned the A/C off for the summer, and when the building is a big glass box that lets in all the sun but lets out none of the heat, having no A/C is a killer. Spending my time in the basement where it's at least cooler, but man it make 8 hours tough. Not many students in the summer, and the ones who are here don't stay long in the building cause of the heat. they are trying to contact someone to complain, but so many of the administration is gone for the summer that they've yet to find some to respond. Been trying to get myself back into a shape other than round. With a Kiddo on the way I figure I'd like to be able to play with them instead of just sit and watch. But it's slow going, cause to be honest I SUCK at dieting. I've been fat for so long I'm not sure how to start loosing weight. Maybe it's a cop out, but it's also true. Eating less? Yea. Eating healthier? Yep. Exercising is hard, everytime I try to get serious about it I seem to hurt my back. I need to go slow I know, but heck if I walk too much at one time I ache. Arthritis, Narrowing of the Spine, and when I do hurt my back then I'm stuck lying in bed for a couple days, forcing myself up to get to work and back, taking pain pills while there to get through. Blah. I let myself go too fa, now I've gotta deal with the pain to try and get back. Looking back I know that a lot of my weight problems have been due to depression. I get sad, I eat. Lord knows I spent some seriously quality time in my life depressed too. But I'm happy now, and even if I get down at times I've learned how to stop myself from getting to the points i used to. Most of the current weight I put on back in 2007 when I really screwed my back up and was stuck in bed. But since then I've not done much to remove what I gained, and that's my own fault. Other side effect of the Baby is loss of sleep. Oh, the baby's not even born yet you say? Well, that doesn't stop the nightmares. My brain hates me. Lol. After waking early from ones where the Wife leaves me, or the Baby dies, or they both die, or I die, ect. and suddenly I just don't want to go back to sleep. Wonder if they give head-enemas? K, yea I'm kind of rambling here. But I'm tired and my thoughts don't make sense to me so why should they to anyone else? Debating about stopping my comic collection. I know I've said this before, but I'm not sure where to put the 17 boxes I have currently in the guest room closet, which will become the Baby room. Also, I doubt I'll have much extra spending money one the Tot is here. Heck, I'm not sure where I'm putting my normal books. Can't leave them out, a young kid would destroy them and some of them a valuable. Gonna have to invest in many many child locks. Lol. I am looking forward to my Wife's, ahem, chestal regions getting bigger. I have several friends who've had kids and seeing how they 'grew' and while they did shrink after breastfeeding the end product was still larger than the pre-state. I guess I can only cross my fingers that holds true. Yea, I like Big Boobs, like ANYONE didn't know that already... Lol. Got another of those 'Government Census" things in the mail. Didn't know this was a census year. Wonder if they got mad at some of my answers last time? LOl. Anyways, hope things are god out in the Blog-o-sphere. I'll try to get back on here soon, but no promises. Chaos is kind of random after all....

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

News of the Chaos

So, the major news in my life right now is that my little Babuska is preggers. Yep, Ye Olde Azathoth is gonna be a Dad. What a wonderful and yet scary thought. I never wanted kids. Never. Until last year when Babushka told me she was preggs. Then I found I did want one. Then we lost the child. After that I wasn't sure again. I mean, I wasn't against having them, but losing the baby had hurt like hell and I didn't know if I could face that again. But I have, and now it looks like we are past the major danger zone. The Baby is due in Decmber, the 23rd in fact. Poor thing is gonna get Gyped every year as it's brithday and Christmas will probably get combined. Oh well. Somethings can't be helped. Babushka has decided not to find out what the Child is, boy or girl. She wants it to be a surprise. So for now we're looking through tons of baby names for both sexes. I'm amazed at how many really awful names there are. Lol Amoung other things we are taking a good look at the place we live to see how the hell we're gonna fit a Child into this mess. We have room for it, but with all our crap around we kind of don't. Looks like it's time to clean and throw out stuff. Which is a fight with my Wife, she hates throwing out anything. Heck, it's been almost 5 years and she still has her college books. Lol. I'm sure we'll manage. In other news, my Lil Sis will be coming up for a visit in September. I miss her a lot since she moved to Old Folks Florida. She'll be staying with us for a couple of the days she's here, in fact I'll be getting her from the Airport and dropping her off when she leaves. Her and MetalHubby are doing good down there, I just hate that it's too far for a day trip. This will be the first time I get to hug her since she left. My Bro, it turns out, is also in Daddy mode. Ironically he and Hills are expecting and are Due December 25, 2 days fater our due date. Makes you wonder if theres some sort of Fate thing going on here. Once again, I hate how far away he is. I wish he'd move closer cause 'd love for our kids to be as close friends as he and I are. But we all have our roads to follow, and at least there is the Phone and Internet. Hopefully I'll post again sooner than my last break. I almost forgot the Blog was here till I was cleaning up my Favorites section. Guess time and life slip by faster than we realize.