Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So I got told tonight that they're going to finally make me full time. By the time all the paperwork is done I should be in by the first week of January. Since your benifits start the first month after you begin that means by Febuary I'll have benifits and vacation and sick time. WHOOOO-HOOOO!
Guess that's going to be my big X-mas present for this year. I'll still be a thrid shift driver, which is what I want, but my days off will be changing from Wed and Thurs night to Fri and Sat night, which is actually very good. It means I won't have to deal with the drunk weekend students anymore. Of course those are Babushkas 2 nights that she babysits, so I don't know how many nights we'll get together, but there's still a good chance that I cn spend Sat night and all day Sunday with her, which would rock.
So I'm off to finish my shift tonight, and when I get home I'm gonna have a Guiness to celebrate.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

Just about every year I've done a Thanksgiving post about the things that I am most grateful for that year. This year there are two things that stand out the most, and one leads right into the other.
The first thing I have this year is my current job. Yea, strange as it may seem, without this job at Yale University my life would be as stagnant as it has been for quite a few years now. Last year I was out of work for almost the entire year, then near the end of it I re-met my old friend Poet, who I ahdn't seen in about 8 years, at Big Bobs Funeral. Despite the fact that so many years of non-contact had passed he and I still connected just like in the past and when he found out I was out of work he told me how his Dad worked for Yale Security and that he was putting in and I should too. By the start of the new year I was in my job, and was making more money starting than I had in my entire life. That includes 10 years of retail slavery in which I was either an assistant manager or Substitute manager for a large part of that time. With this job I have paid off all my debt, including all the bills that pilled up while I was out of work. I was also able to set up the second reason I have to be thankful.
That is my engagment to Babushka. After 6 years, with a break of 1, I figured we had put it off long enough and went out and bought a ring and poped the question. My little angel said yes, and now I am slowly planning mabey the biggest change of my life, marriage. While it may be 2-3 years before it actually happens, it was a big step for someone who hates changes in his life. My little Angel has made me so happy, and knowing that she'll be my wife is perhaps the greatest thing thats ever happened to me. Even now, several months since I proposed, I still have to look at the ring on her finger sometimes to remind myself that this is actually happening. Marriage was always something that happened to others, and was not meant for me. I always feared I'd end up alone in life, but now that's not so. I've found someone that is willing to put up with all my annoying habits and stupidities and yet still love me.
So those are my two biggies this year, work and marriage.
How about you?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Please Hold...

Still sick
still having problems with Babushka health
Life is just in a holding pattern it seems right now.

Friday, November 09, 2007

*@&%@*@*!!! Computer!

My freakin cd/dvd burner isn't working! Actually neither of the freakin things are working! I just got one of them in March! What the heck!
My Cuz is going to come over this week and take a look, cause if it doesn't get fixed soon I'm gonna have a meltdown. I burn so many Cd's and Movies that without the burner I might as well not have a comp of my own. I can use the ones at work to do e-mail and facebook and blogging. It's like a giant paperweight here. I so hate technology!

Babushka is going to a neurologist on Tuesday. Her doc says that the problems shes having with her hands isn't normal for an accident victem. If there is something wrong they'll have to get a lawyer and sue someone, cause it's her left hand thats having the problem, and yes- she's left handed. On top of that one of the 2 classes shes taking this semester is sign language, and I'll leave it to you to figure out how messed up the class is geting without her being able to use her main hand.
Work is going good, but I'm doing 6 day weeks this month, which may not seem like much but it sure makes for a long week. Not sure why but working overnight makes it feel like you have no time normally, and adding a day really cuts into my time to do things.
I bought Babushka's X-mas gift already, I'm taking her and her freind from Colombia who's going to be visiting for the month of December and January to see the Lion King on Broadway. We've tried to go to a play a year, but missed a few due to bills. It's just so dang expensive to go. But I have it all set up now, so that should be good.
I'm aslo trying to get over a cold, I so hate being sick. Nothing like driving students around while choughing your lungs thick goo out the window. Yum.

Monday, November 05, 2007

On the Horizon, just past the glare of Thanksgiving...

So I've been trying to get a hold of folks and asking them for thier mail address (home one, not e-mail) so that I can send out X-mas cards to my blogger friends. Unfortunatly some of the comments sections won't let me post things right now so I figured I'd cut the red tape and just do a post about it. I have already recieved some replys but for those of you who haven't or who didn't recieve my comment about it, if you're interested in me sending you a X-mas card (or even just a happy season card if you don't celebrate) then just e-mail me your address and name (as well as significant others if applicable) to
I will not share the address, or real names out to anyone, this would just be between you and I. I'm just really big into the whole holiday card thing. Don't assume that you have to do this, it's just a little side thing if your interested.