Sunday, October 30, 2005

To celebrate I'll read a lot.

I've decided to celebrate the return of Mr. King by re-reading all his books. Yeah I know it's a wee bit extreme, but I do love to read and I read fast so I have a tendency to spend a lot of time with nothing to read. How fast? Well I decided to start this yesterday and since then I've finished Carrie, Salem's Lot and will probably wrap up the Shinning by the time I go to bed tonight. I figure the longer books I'll do on my days off (such as Stand and It). The short ones I can finish during slow work days. I realize to those out there who don't like to read this will seem like insanity, but for those of you who do you should understand. Also, if I'm reading it'll keep me from getting bored and going out driving with no where to go like I did at about 2:30 this morning and wasting gas. Just the fact that Babushka told me she'd seen it as "Low" as $2.44 is bad. I realize some places have it worse, but I still remember when it was $0.99 a couple of years back.

On an unrelated note, yesterday at work I had a couple come in and for a moment I though it was the Demon. Scared the crap out of me. It wasn't her, but it could have been her long lost sister. Like I need that stress again. Ug. Just when I've gotten to where I don't think about her EVERY day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Stephen King, my most favoritest writer, has apparently decided to postpone his retirement! I'm so happy! He is coming out with a book called "Colorado Kid' and has 2 other ones planned for next year (Lindsey's Story, and Cell (Which is about ZOMBIES!))! He just had a new short story put out in an anthology in May (The Things They Leave Behind), and now with the announcement of the 3 upcoming books I'm assuming he's changed his mind on the whole retirement thing! That just TOTALLY made my day! Thank you Steve!

Winter cometh

So the tempature is dropping and it's time to put away the air conditioners and turn on the heaters. It's funny, my 2 favorite seasons are spring and fall and they are also the 2 shortest seasons. There was snow is northern C.T a few days ago. I hate snow ( yes as a Canuk I can get into trouble for saying that, it's almost as bad as admiting I don't like hockey!). I can deal with the cold, alot better than I can high heat, but I hate snow. Any one out there live somewhere where it stays between 70 and 80 degrees all year? If so what are the prices on houses in your area?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Busy, but too pissed not to post

Ok, I would like to say sorry about the lack of posts or comments this past week. Life is a little busy right now, but I'll be back on soon to comment on everyone's blog.

I needed to put a quick post up though about something thats got me really pissed off. After logging on to my comp tonight I saw a news item about the recent lotto winners, the ones who won the 340M. They were quoted as saying that they don't want to change thier lives very much.

I mean come on here! Even if you take lump sum (in which you loose about half the money because they take all the taxes out automatically) you'll end up with about 170M! Not change your life? Why the hell did you play then? I'd be on the first plane to paradise had I won, along with alot of my family, friends and loved ones. I'd never work again in my life, there's just too many places in the world worth going to see. So many people in my life would be debt free right now. OMFG! This is why people piss me off. What a friggin waste!

Sorry but I just had to get that off my chest. I'll be back on soon (hopefully mid-next week) to see how everyone's doing. Till then be safe.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Ok folks, I want to know what everyone's dressing up as for Halloween, just to see who's getting creative and who's being cheap and who's just boring and not going to dress up. Also any interesting costumes your friends are getting will count too. I've got to work on Halloween and my work won't let us dress up so I have to live vicariously through all of you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Surreal Life

Ok, so here it is a rainy Tuesday and I'm bored as all hell at work. I mean like old people sex slow. My co-worker is in the back goofing off and I'm at the desk reading (aka goofing off).
So in walk these 3 young ladies, of the late teen/early twenty variety. One blonde with a nose ring and two brunettes. The blonde says she looking for a ring to go with her piercing. I look closer and it's a gold ball type so I show her to our gold section. She choose a nice ring and puts it on. She then says she needs to see how they look together so I bring a mirror over. She then proceeds to lift her shirt up and whip her tit out of it's bra so she can hold the ring next to her nipple piercing. Thankfully due to certain friends of mine I've had a lot of practice taking wierd stuff in stride so I just stand there trying not to stare while she asks her friends how they look. One of the brunettes takes hold of the blonde's hand and her boob and says that it's not quite a match. So she puts her tit away, lowers her shirt and asks if we have any other ones. I tell her just what she sees and she thanks me and they all leave.
My co-worker comes out a moment later to see what the hell I'm laughing about. I couldn't quite bring myself to tell her. I mean talk about a "how the hell do I explain this one" moment. I almost feel like a pervert. Almost. Just a touch of the surreal to liven up a dull day.

Monday, October 10, 2005

My Memories and Stuff

Thursday, October 06, 2005

While we're on the subject of movies....

If anyone else out there has a place in thier hearts for a good "bad"horror movie (such as myself, BM, and The Creeping Unknown) I highly recomend renting one called "Dead and Breakfast". It's the type of horror movie where you laugh your a** off watching it. While it does have a few good special effects, the movie as a whole is a good one for a slow night when you need a laugh. While it has no nudity (One of the three things that can save a bad horror movie is nudity) It does have dancing zombies! Who can pass that up. Add in a dead hillbilly singing hick/rap songs between parts and a librarian with a gun and it's a can't miss stinker. So burn the popcorn, shoot the dog nextdoor, and settle in for one of the funnier horror movies they've put out recently (aside from "Monster Man" which is another highly recomended laugh a minute gore fest. Just the line "I'm a corpse burrito" is worth the price of rental!).
If anyone else out there has any recomendations for a good bad horror movie let me know, always looking for the next 'their dead and it's funny' movie.

Oh and Burfica, if you normally jump someone rather than talk then let me know the next time you have a movie you want to go see.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Extinction Agenda

I went with Babushka and Gundumschlong to go see Tim Burton's new movie "Corpse Bride". I liked it, although it wasn't as good as his classic "Nightmare Before Christmas".
However, while sitting in the near empty theatre it occured to me that the movie theatre is quickly becoming a dinosaur plodding onwards to extinction. Ticket prices keep rising yet the quality of movies out there seem to continue to diminish. Most of the movies are either remakes or sequals, and those that arn't mostly fall into the 2 catagories of 'don't want to see them' or 'can wait for the video'. Yet they continue to jack up ticket prices as well as the price of snacks. You end up paying almost as much for the popcorn and soda as you do for the movie tickets themselves. Don't even bring up the fact that you can now get everything from mozzarella sticks to nachos to cappuchino at the theatre. It's getting rediculous. Is it a movie theatre or a coffee house or a diner?
Be honest, what the was the last movie you saw in a theatre that you really couldn't have just waited to watch on your TV? The only ones that look better on the big screen are the epics, like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Troy, and others of the same. The rest will look the same on a big screen TV as at the movies. Be honest, take a look at the recent movie list at and tell me which of them are worth you spending $9 per person to go see whan in a few months you can pay $4 at the local rental place and watch them without other people talking through most of the movie (Unless your watching it with Bufica who talks through all the movies anyways (Just Kidding Bur! Ducks a thrown brick)) and keep them up to a week? Especially when you can make your own snacks, and while microwave popcorn isn't as good as movie theatre popcorn, at least your not paying $5 for a bag of popcorn you probably won't finish and the butter and salt run out after 6 handfulls anyways.
Someday, probably soon, the theatres will go the way of most drive-in's and the dinosaurs and the dodo bird and the disc camera. You'll get to tell your grandkids about them and it will be just another 'when I was young' story.

PS. this whole thought started as I was writing a letter to Recovered Believer and it just kind of blossomed to a full post. Also, I know thats not how you spell theatre, but I like it better this way so Nyah!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Good-Bye Gama

I would like to take this post to say good-bye to my fellow blogger and friend Gama. He is a young man from Texas who was one of my earliest readers. His blog was a series of his poetry as well as the occasional peek inside his life. He had a gentle soul and a way of putting much passion and power into his work. Wether he was writting about love, pain, happiness, sadness, loss, dreams, or nature he had a way with words that could make you feel the emotions behind the poems as if they were your own. Although he had stated before that the thought of closing his blog had crossed his mind from time to time I had hoped this day would never come. Yet there have been times when I have thoughts of ending this rambling thing I call a blog so I find I cannot be angry at his leaving. I don't know what may be happening in his life to make his blog a luxury he can no longer afford, but I do wish him well.
I hope that from time to time he will stop back in and visit with his old friend who will miss him and his poems dearly. He rarly failed to help make me smile with his poetry or his comments. That alone is a rare gift.
So for now I must say Good-bye Gama, walk tall my friend to whatever this life holds in store for you, and know that I for one will always think fondly of the poet from Texas, and will keep my fingers crossed that one day you life will reach the point where you will have time and insperation to come back and type on the keyboard again.
Peace G.