Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the hole in my head where my wisdom tooth once was will be healed up by Thanksgiving so I can eat stuffing, god's most perfect food. Babushka and I are going to her folks, and then hopefully stopping at my Cuz's afterwards. It should be a long but enjoyable day.
I was going to do one of my big rambling "what i give thanks for" posts, but I just didn't feel like it. Suffice to say things in my life are going good, other than my Lil Sis moving. I have no major complaints so will just keep my mouth shut and keep my head down and hope that the universe overlooks me when it come to trouble.
I hope everyone has a great holiday.

Friday, November 20, 2009


So after 17 years my friend who I call my Lil Sis is finally moving away from me. She and her Hubby are aiming south, down to the old folks state of Florida. Both of us have had a history of losing people, both friends and family, so we always swore we'd be the ones who always stuck together. But life turns and sometimes you just can't fight the passage of time. This isn't the first time she was supposed to move away, but this will be the last. The last few scares sent me into a major depression at the time. So far I'm coping better this time around, I'm old enough to know that distance doesn't mean endings, not if the love is strong enough. I've held onto my Bro even though he's been in bOregon for about 10 years now. My little Brendragon has been in Denver for several years, and while talking to her is sometimes far between the love is still there. J$ moved to San Damn Diego. Boston is, well in Boston of course. So I have no doubt that my Lil Sis will stay in touch. I also know that over the last few years we haven't spent nearly as much time hanging out as we used to. But part of it was knowing that if something went wrong with either of us we were within running distance. Too many times we have been each others go to person when everything falls apart. I know she has her hubby and I my wife, but it's scary thinking I'll be facing life without her nearby.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Quiet and Creepy

So I'm sitting at Yale's Health Building tonight (not my usual post but someone called out so I got pulled to here). The Overnight Docs are up on the 5th floor, so I'm all alone down here in a large brightly lit medical facility.
Of course I'm watching Zombie movies.
It's just such a perfect setting for one. The odd noises from the air systems and electronic doors. The wind blowing outside. The survallance cameras that seem to catch slight movement in them when your not quite looking. The basement cameras, where the lights are off, but are motioned sensored and will sometimes come on for no aparent reason.
I so love this.
I've always thought that there are several places on the Yale campus that could serve as a serious location for a good horror movie, and I need to add this building to the list (which includes the Yale Law School, Old Campus, and several of the Libraries). Add in that there is a long hallway directly behind my desk, which is one of the few areas on the ground floor that isn't lit up, a nice solid black yawning area right behind my back. It even includes a faint exit sign way back that is slowly dying so it winks off and on every now and then. Also, a very loud wall clock ticking off the minutes just to my left.
Now, with an hour and a half left I have to just decide which Zombie film to finish my night with....