Thursday, April 19, 2007

Taking some time off

Well, I seem to be seriously neglecting this blog of mine. I think that time has come for me to take an extended break from it. I'm not going to delete it, for I may be back at some point. But for now life just isn't giving me the time to keep it up. I hope everyone is doing good and I'll check in when I have a chance.
Peace with all of you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

and so little time....

Well with just a day over a week till we have to be out it feels like there is still so much to do. The dumpster arrives today, and we'll have it till the end. A good amount of our furniture is going in it since the folks are buying mostly new stuff. The new furniture arrives on Friday. Whats not being chucked is getting moved this weekend, as we'll borrow my Bro-in Laws truck to haul it over to the new place.
While a good portion of my belongings are already there (except for clothes, 2 comic boxes, and DVD's) my folks seem to be just starting to pack. This drives me nuts. They're running around like chickens without heads trying to figure out why there's so much to do, but they waited till the last week to even begin packing. UG! Serious lack of forsight.
Also, they just seemed to have realized that they have to notify a whole lot of places about the move. While I took care of the Cable/Phone/Comp (cause thats in my name and I pay it, so I called them 2 weeks ago and set up times for the switchover) they still have to contact the Gas...Electric...Post office...Credit Cards...Car Payments...DMV...and several others. Yet my Mom is so busy running up to spend time with my oldest bitch sister (who just got served her divorce papers, her second failed marriage. Hey I just realized, she failed at everything. She's a crappy sister, a crappy kid, a crappy wife and a crappy mother. Heh, and she always said I was the failure of the family.) thats she doesn't have time to do anything. I'd do it, but since my names not on the bills I can't.
Work goes good. I'm driving 5 days a week now. Also the Poet is trying to get transfered to night security, and my Cuz is trying to get hired to security. It would be great to get them both on there.
Babushka is still not sure what she wants to do about her schooling. I wish I had more answers for her, but all I can do is listen and hug. Hope that'll be enough. If not I can also take a baseball bat to some of the morons she's dealing with.
The Demons Mother and older Sister have asked a mutal freind to get them my new address and phone number. Hmmmm.....
Still trying to save for the Denver wedding trip, but it's not going as good as I would like due to the move. If I can't manage to scrap up some more money soon I'm afraid I may not be able to afford the trip. I don't like the idea of backing out, I so want to see Brendragon get married.
My Lil Sis is having to get tests on a cyst on her overies to see if it's cancerous. Also my little Kells Bells has to go for back surgery. And I haven't been able to get ahold of my Sharebear for over 2 months now. I also haven't gotten to see/hear from Boston, Bm and the Hottie, or Roe-Roe. Far too much to worry about while the move is going on.

Stress? What stress?

best line tonight, a quote from Pulp Fiction:
'No, I'm pretty F*cking far from OK.'

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Questions?

Ok, so Good Friday is a celebration of the death of Christ, and Easter is a celebration of his resurrection. Yet somewhere in my memory I thought there was 3 days between his death and ressurection? Does that mean it should either be Good Thursday or Easter Monday?
Also, Why do the christians think that the Easter Bunny has anything to do with Christ's Ressurection? Despite what Rhode Island State Rep. Richard Singleton may think, the Easter Bunny has NOTHING to do with Christianity. It was a Pagan symbol of spring that the christians stole when they couldn't get the pagans to stop worshiping it (much like Santa and Halloween).

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great Easter, wether you celebrate it for Christ's rebirth, the arrival of spring, or just an excuss to eat chocolate. Remember to spend time with family and loved ones, eat lots of food, eat even more chocolate, and act like a bunny by humping your brains out.