Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sleep? I so wish...

So between working tons of overtime and playing chauffer for Babushka I have slept almost not at all recently. Tonight when I came into work my boss wanted to know why my eyes were all dark and red. I lied and said drugs (it sounds more believable). He was worried I'd be too tired to drive for the night, but I told him a good strong coffee would get me through just fine, and then I can catch a little snooze tom, before I head to my sisters to help get the kids ready for Halloween (my 2 nephews like me to do thier make-up for them).
Babushka is getting her new car Thursday, hopefully. That'll allow me to go back to trying to sleep more, which will be nice. I do love spending time with her, but being overtired all the time sucks.
So what is everyone doing for Halloween? Anyone dressing up? How about the kids? Giving out candy? Shooting paintballs at the local kids? Stealing others candy? Let me know. alos, if you can post a picture of yoruself all done up, I so love Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sorry for the leave of absence, Babushka was in a car accident. She's ok, mostly (just some bad bruising) but her car is totalled, so I'm driving her around everywhere. I'll be back as soon as she buys a new car (which should be within the next week or so.) Hope everyone is doing good, I miss ya all. Peace.

Monday, October 22, 2007

my Halloween Cd

1. This is Halloween - Marilyn Manson
2. Halloween Theme
3. Hell's Bells - AC/DC
4. Jaws Theme
5. Shout at the Devil - Motley Crew
6. Beetlejuice Theme
7. Deadman's Party - Oingo Boingo
8. Exorcist Theme
9. Saturday Night in the City of the Dead - Ultravox
10. Tales From the Crypt Theme
11. Monster Mash - Cryptkickers
12. Addams Family Theme
13. Haunted House - Sam Sham and the Pharos
14. Munsters Theme
15. Beware the Blob - the Five Blobs
16. Haunter of the Dark - Vox Arcana
17. Science Fiction Double Feature - Rocky Horror Picture Show
18. Resident Evil Theme
19. Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise) - Rocky Horror Picture Show
20. Wwe Theme Minestry of Darkness
21. Werewolf of London - Warren Zion
22. Wwe Theme the Brood
23. Spooky - Classics Four

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How did I get here?

So I've been trying to figure out how someone who hates driving and dislikes dealing with people and really hates New Haven ended up being an escort driver for Yale University. So I've decided to take a quick walk back through the years and see exactly how I got where I am. Here goes:

1973- Born.

1977- Met my Bro first day of Nursery School.

1979- Got into first fight.

1980- Moved to Northford.

1985- Begin collecting comic books.

1986- Oldest sister clocks me in crotch with aluminum Baseball bat. Partially sterile from this.

1987- Met first girlfriend (Meesha).

1988- First girlfriend commits suicide. Another friend, Tunes, is beaten to death by her boyfriend. I stop hanging out in New Haven after the 2 funerals.

1989- Met the Demons older sister. Discovery of ulcer.

1990- Met the Demon. Got stabbed in knee.

1991- Graduated High School. Went 'away' for summer. Began College. Got job at comic store.

1992- Got license. Met Lil Sis. Demon moves away.

1993- Left comic book store. Start working heating & Air conditioning. Began dating second girlfriend (Isis). Lost virginity (while Meesha and I did some stuff, we never took that major step before she died.). Moved to Middletown. Demon moves back. Done with collage.

1994- Screw up back. Stop working Heating & Air conditioning.

1995- Broke up with Girlfriend. Move home. Demon leaves life again. Bro Moves to bOregon. Become Uncle for first time.

1996- Nana's Funeral. Began dating third girlfriend (Rie-Rie). Start job at Fire Alarm factory. Ribs broken by baseball bat.

1997- Demon returns.

1998- Break up with girlfriend. Loose job at factory. Demon leaves again. Aunt Sarge's Funeral.

2000- Began relationship with engaged friend (Heaven).

2001- Start retail slave job. Friend gets married, relationship ends. Begin dating Babushka.

2002- Switch retail job. Grandpa Funeral. Aunt Purple's Funeral.

2003- Break up with Babushka. Demon returns.

2004- Demon leaves. Switch retail slave job. Aunt Newfie's Funeral.

2005- Begin dating Babushka again.

2006- Leave retail. Out of work for most of year. Nanies Funeral. Aunt Moe's Funeral. Big Bob's Funeral. Bro moves home for 6 months, then back to bOregon. Meet up with Poet again.

2007- Get job at Yale thanks to Poet and his Dad. Moved to North Haven. Babushka graduates college. Propose to Babushka.

2008- Hurt back badly. Told will have back problems for rest of life. Almost fired from Yale because of all this. Make full position at Yale, get benefits and time-off. Planning wedding.

2009- Move into own place in Northford. Babushka moves in with me. Get married in June. Spend 2 weeks on Honeymoon. Change postion at work. Lil Sis moves to Florida.

2010- Cassie's Funeral. Mom's cancers back. DBM gets married. Sealie pregnant again. Quad L and Mathman get married.

Ok, so it doesn't explain how I got where I am, but I ran with the idea anyways. As usual names have been changed to protect the guilty. I'm sure I'm missing all sorts of stuff, like when I met most of my long time friends, but my memory is failling as I grow old and somethings are just beyond my ability to remember. I was going to add all the wedding and births as well, but then this would get rediculously long. I also only put when the Demon came and went, rather than listing her as a girlfriend at any point. I also skiped Jinx, my girlfriend of one week (seemed kind of pointless to include). Still, it lets me look at things and know just how much time has passed since they happened, and will be a big help when I finally organize my huge amount of photos in my nightstand. Hope you all enjoyed.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Memory block

I've been working on a timeline of my life for the blog, just because I'm trying to figure out how it is I've gotten to where I am in my life, and what I've found is that so much of my life seems to blur together. I forget what years things happened in. I'll think of something and it seems like it should have just been a few years ago, only to realize that it had to have been like 10 or more years now. It's scary to learn that you've been around long enough to have been out of school for 16 years. Also I seem to keep shuffling memories, trying to figure out which event happened first. What years was the Demon in my life? How long did I date this person or that person? When did this person die? I feel horrible for forgetting some of this stuff. I always knew that my memory wasn't that good, but boy has it gone downhill the last few years.
Or maybe that was 10 years ago too.....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Everythings coming up roses...

With the occasional thorn.
So on the first day of my two days off I'm out driving, have a lot of stuff I want to do and take care of, and so of course my car blows up on the highway. I guess a hose from the radiator blew out, which should be easy to fix, except when I finally get someone to come out (Of course I have no cell and the nearest place with a phone is almost 2 miles walking distance away) the car still keeps overheating, which means something other than the hose is wrong. So now I'm carless for a bit. Which isn't the world destroyer it would have been usually, since I work at night I can borrow my folks car to at least go to work. It just means that I'm house locked during the day, and folks... cabin fever didn't take long to set in.
This is the second time my car's died in the last two weeks, wonder if thats a sign?
Anyways, other than that things are still going good, although I'm not sure how I'm paying for the car if it needs major work, guess I'll have to put off a ring payment for a bit. Seems like just when I'm making good money all these bills jump out of the woodwork. Pay off the ring, Save for the wedding, save for an apartment, Christmas, Get a passport, Need new winter clothes, save for Babushka's friends visit, All the usual bills (car, electric, gas, phone/cable/comp), Insurance). How the heck did I manage to live a whole year without a job? Or for that matter how did I do it when I was making almost half of what I do now while I was in retail for all those years?
But all this is petty stuff in the end. I am happy being engaged, have good people in my life, and for the most part don't mind my work (although still waiting on the benifits!).
Well, I can't sleep, so maybe I'll go sort some of my bottomless pit o pictures for now. They take up my entire nightstand. I used to be such a camera whore. Seems like so long ago that I took most of them though, maybe I need to get started annoying people with my camera again. Everyone used to hate me with that thing, although then they all wanted copies of the pictures once they saw them. Go figure. Maybe I'll find a better one of me for my profile even, a more recent one that doesn't make me look like Orca the killer whale. Of course, that might be hard to find. Oh well.
Hope everyones doing great.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


And the angel of the lord came unto me.
snatching me up from my place of slumber,
and took me on High,
and higher still until we moved through the spaces betwixt the air itself.
and he brought me into a
Vast farmland of our own midwest.
and as we descended, cries of impending doom arose from the Soil.
one thousand, nay, a million voices full of fear.
and terror possessed me then. and I begged:
’angel of the lord, what are these tortured screams? ’
and the angel said unto me:
’these are the cries Of the carrots. the cries of the carrot. you see, reverend maynard, tomorrow is harvest day, and to Them, it is the holocaust.’
and I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat with the tears of one million
Terrified brothers and roared:
’hear me now, I have seen the light. they have a consciousness! they Have a life! they have a soul. damn you! let the rabbits wear glasses. save our brothers. can I get an Amen. can I get a haleluia. thank you, jesus.’