Sunday, February 25, 2007


Due to work and my current sleeping schedual I have been severly ignoring this blog. I am soory, and hope to correct that situation soon. Please bear with me.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


So far so good with the job, although driving for 8 hours straight a night sure takes a chunck out of me. I slept 9 hours yesterday, which those who know me should be amazed considering how little I normally sleep.
Babushka is sick with a fever, which mean V-day will be postponed this year. I did give her her aquamarine earings already, but she's going to have to wait to learn about her other gift. I'm going to buy tickets for us to go see either Phantom of the Opera or Lion King on broadway in May. I'll let her decided wich she'd like to see.
My cuz has had her baby. He's adorable and she's happy because she's already begun to reclaim her ankles.
Waiting for my tax return to come. It won't be much since I didn't work much last year, but it should be enough for me to finally open a savings account. Now if the dang government would only hurry things up.....
Speaking of that, why is it that we are required to do our taxes yet the government makes it so dang hard to get the forms? The local libraries don't have any of the federal forms and the post office doesn't carry them anymore. I had to go steal some from a H&R block type place. If they want us to file then they should have to mail the forms to us.
A big welcome back to Alexk, who has returned from a year long hiatis. Can't wait to hear what the snarky-one has been up to.
Anyways, I'm off to get some sleep. Tonight should be interesting with the storm moving in. Not sure how thats going to affect driving in New Haven. Hopefully all the students will stay home tonight.

Oh, and as a added bonus, for those of you who have a bit of sick and twistedness in thier souls check out: and watch the theatre. Truly wonderfully disturbing stuff.

Friday, February 09, 2007

"Now it all seems funny, Kind of like a dream"

So it's been a bad week for my little Babushka. She's done with school for this semester (not going into detail, lets just say it's not a good thing.). She's spent the week with me since I'm good at making her laugh.
Work goes ok, but I'm worried about next week. They want me to be a driver, and I just don't know the city very good. As a driver we will pick up anyone who works for the university or any of the university students and drive them from anywhere inside the university grounds to anywhere inside the university grounds. The problem is that the university covers the majority of the city. I'm supposed to go it alone on Sunday night, so we'll see how that goes. The biggest worry is that some of the area we have to cover isn't on the maps they give us. Why do I have a bad feeling about this.
Due to being out of work for a year my paychecks are gone as fast as I get them. At some point I'll start having money again, but for now it's a game of catchup. Fortunatly they should keep coming longer than the bills will last. The trick is to not spend any of it uncessarily just yet (except when it comes to comics or books. They are necessities.).

I haven't had much time for blogging lately, which I feel bad about. But until I get used to the overnight schedual (which keeps changing. At first I was 9pm-5am, now I'm 11pm-7am, except on weekends where I'm 12am-8am.) Everything else will have to wait. I hope your all doing good and I"ll try and get some blog time soon. Keep smiling and as always: Peace.