Sunday, May 28, 2006

The ever Changing face of Blog

The Poetress Quz Boss and the Superhero BedSheetKid have both decided to walk away from the blogland permenantly. My sweet Irish lass Kerry's blog is blank and I don't know if she's coming back. The Snarkmaster Alekx is taking an extended sebatical. Bm (whos comp I'm currently using since I'm house sitting for him and the Hottie) has said that he's too lazy to keep it up anymore. Both little lawyer Linds and the soon to be married Rebekah haven't posted since May 12th (hope they're both ok and will be back soon). EFFXB is off looking at his new kid (who I'm sure is totally adorable).
It seems like my Dead But Dreaming and my Lost in the Darkness lists are growing far too fast. Perhaps that is the biggest problem with blogger in the end, you come to feel like friends with people you've never met, yet it is still far too easy for someone to walk away when thier typing is done. In real life you have cards and phone calls, here you just have the ghosts of comments past and dead links that lead to darkness.

PS. Rebekah's back, and SHE GOT MARRIED! That's right - Hitched, Wed, Joined, I do'd, Crossed the threshold, Linked, Tied the Knot, Took the plunge, Settled down, Became one! It's one of the few good things that have happene this year. Here's a toast to you Bekah and your new Hubby!

Tag, I'm back

I was trying to think of a first return post after my l,ittle break when low and behold I got Tagged by the Lone Rangers. Thanks for the idea Lone!

I SAID: I'd do this tag but it's proving harder than I thought
I WANT: This year to get over with so I can start fresh
I WISH: Just one day where everyone had a good day
I HATE: Large crowds
I MISS: All of those friends and family who are out of my life.
I HEAR: All the voices in my head laughing at me
I WONDER: who wrote the book of love
I REGRET: Too many things to recount here
I AM NOT: as young as I used to be
I DANCE: Slow dances at wedding only. Or Mosh pits.
I SING: Every chance I get, not particularily good but definatly willing!
I CRY: Only when I'm done seeing to anyone else crying
I AM NOT ALWAYS: As Happy as I try to seem around people
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: not much unfortunatly. My left hand has an IQ of -6
I WRITE: Not as much as I used to
I CONFUSE: easily
I NEED: Some really good crazy monkey sex soon
I SHOULD: Lose some wieght
I START: Far too many things at the same time
I FINISH: Books far too fast

I'm not going to tag anyone, if you want to do it then do it. Hope everyones doi9ng good and I'll try commenting today on as many blogs as I can. Peace.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Back, but not yet

I've returned from Cananda. But it was a very draining time. I think I'm going to take a few days off before posting again. I'll be back soon, just need to recharge myself a bit. Hope everyone's doing good and thank you all for your support.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

RIP Maureen Gilchrist

Going to Canada for my Aunts Funeral. Will post again when I get back sometime next week.

Friday, May 12, 2006

This Year

Just to keep the trend of this year being bad one of my Aunts in Canada who went for sergery last week may not make it. Also my Cuz had his girlfriend of 3 years break up with him. And my Babushka got into her first car accident (shes not hurt, which is the only good thing about it).
This downward spiral needs to stop soon or I'm going to seriously Crack.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just a Public Service Announcment by a founding member of Monty Python

The FCC Song
by Eric Idle

Here's a little number I wrote the other day while out duck hunting with a judge, QUACK

Fuck you very much the FCC
Fuck you very much for fining me
Five thousand bucks a fuck
so I'm really out of luck
Thats more than Heidi Fliess was charging me.

So fuck you very much the FCC
For proving that free speech just isn't free
Clear Channel's a dear channel
so Howard Stern must go
Attorney General Ashcroft doesn't like strong words and so
He's charging twice as much
as all the drugs for Rush Limbo
so Fuck you all so very much

So fuck you very much dear Mr. Bush
for heroically sitting on your tush
For Halli Burton, Enron,
all the companies who fail
Lets send them a clear signal
and stick Martha straight in jail
She's an uppity rich bitch, but at least she isn't male
So fuck you all so very much

So fuck you dickhead Mr. Cheney too.
Fuck you and fuck everything you do.
Your pace maker must be fake
You haven't got a heart
As far as I'm concerned your just a pasty faced old fart
And as for Condolezza she an intellectual tart
So fuck you all so very much

So fuck you very much the EPA
For giving all Alaska's oil away
It really is a bummer
When I can't fill my Hummer
The ozone a no go zone now that Arnold's here to say
The nuclear winter games
are going to take place in LA
So fuck you all so very much

So what the planet fails
Lets save the great white males
And fuck you all so very much


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Great Big Globs Of....

I'm a mess. While working to clean the house this afternoon I ended up cleaning out a large section of our basement, and didn't realize until I went to leave the room after about an hour in there that it was so filled with dust that the light bulb had a haze around it. Of course the only thing in the world I am allergic to is....Dust.
My eyes look like I was possessed by Satan. My head feels like it's stuffed with bees. My nose is just a total snot faucet with a leak (yea, lovely imagry that I just had to share with you all). My cheeks are wet from the water running from aforementioned eyes. I feel like I'm breathing underwater. Just a mess.
Hope everyones doing better than I. I am off to chug medicine and get sleep in the hopes that when I awake this will all be a forgettable nightmare.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sometimes You Just Gotta Speak Thier Language

So as my longtime readers know I'm a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft, a horror writer from the 1920's. One of his most induring creations is a book called the Necronomicon, which he invented in a dream of his. It has appeared in many books and movies throughout the years, gaining a cult following of gullible people who believe it to be a real book. In fact sometimes they can be quite persistant in thier ignorance, as a friend of mine recently learned, although in the end he helped spread the false belief in a rather humorus way.
My friend, Lord P, lives in Beantown and works as a security guard at a prestigious library there. A while back he had a gentleman come in and ask to be allowed to peruse the rare and restricted book collection. As is procedure he told the man he had to fill out a 'purpose of research' card. The man filled it out, and while checking it Lord P saw that the book the man was looking for was the Necronomicon. Lord P told the man that they didn't have the book, and that in fact the book didn't actually exist. The man stated that he knew that they had the book and he wanted to see it. Lord P went on to explain that it wasn't a real book and no they didn't have a copy of it. The man continued to argue the point for about 10 min. Finnaly Lord P stood up close to the man, and having reached the end of his patience, whispered/yelled :
"Look, of the last 3 people who saw it 2 are dead and the other is locked up in an institution. It's had to be kept in a lead lined safe because any books around it start to decay. So NO WE DO NOT HAVE THIS BOOK AND IT DOESN'T EXIST!"
The man looked on in horror and then turned and proceeded rapidly out of the library.
So yes in some ways Lord P has helped continue the false belief in the book, but on the other hand some people just won't except reality and you have no choice but to speak to them in thier own language.